Forny left the chamber to the the cosplayer’s grunts and screams as Gregory’ huge cock wrenched her ass open by De Haro, Sten


Gregory had taken quite a liking to the current subject and Forny was very satisfied for the young victim he had chosed for this particular photo shoot. She was a bit less attractive than some of the other cosplayers they had photographed, but just a bit less; and she was a bit thicker than some of the others … but just a bit, which gave her a very lush, curvy appeal. Perhaps that’s what Gregory was enamored with?

She was currently doubled, ankles bound to her wrists, and Gregory was happily whipping her ample ass and thighs. He smiled as each swipe of the whip added a new angry red strip to her buttocks or legs. He would pause every so often to slap her bald pussy or asshole, or to plunge the whip handle into whichever welcome and exposed hole seemed to catch his fancy at the moment.

Forny worked his way round and round the helpless squirming cosplayer, taking photo after photo. Finally he stopped and lowered his camera.

Fuck her and do cum inside her,and meet me later for a drink by De Haro, Sten


“Young lady, you are the keystone for this series of photos. And I have something special planned for you. You’ve noticed the remote-controlled cameras I have set up around the room. As soon as I start the camera, Gregory will use those needle nose pliers to pull out several of your pubes. The very second you cry out, I will batter one of those amazing tits of yours with this leather covered paddle. The louder you scream, the closer I will come to paddling your nipple.”

Suddenly the cameras began to click and before she could pull in a breath in anticipation, Gregory had pulled a tuft if blue pubic hair out of mound. A shocked scream erupted from behind her gag, a scream which was overshadowed by the thick ‘whap’ of the leather paddle knocking her right tit across her chest.

Forny quickly photographed the woman’s large bouncing tits by De Haro, Sten


Gregory had only nodded his usual acknowledgment.

“Very well, Gregory, our recent fuchsia-haired client left me with a very substantial breast craving … I suppose ‘TITs’ would be more accurate. I want to you secure three more well-sculpted clients for next our few sessions. Bring them to the storage area.

It was just a few hours later that Forny was well into his first shoot, photographing a beautiful, if teary-eyed and make-up stained, young cos-player being forcibly bounced up and down on Gregory’s enormous cock. The bat ears on her head were askew, and the gag across her mouth kept her from speaking or even screaming too loudly. But the whimpers and groans that crept from her throat, Forny found very satisfying.

He and his somewhat demented assistant had spent a leisurely week “obtaining” helpless yet beautiful models by De Haro, Sten


“You see young lady,” he said calmly to bound woman, “this is supposed to be a very special photo-shoot, all based on some polls from my viewers members. The poll for this set of photos asked the question … how many piercings are perfect for the female body? “

Her face twisted in fear as Forny continued, “The answer was 37. Gregory you may begin.”

The woman’s lake-blue eyes went wide with terror as Gregory quickly unpacked his comprehensive set of piercing needles, clamps, and devices – a host of rings, studs, dangles and more.

Forny began taking his pictures, and her muffled screams began with the first set of piercings Gregory completed: a set of heavy black rings through each nipple. They continued through the vertical barbell pierced through her clit, the ring in each nostril, the various rings and studs pierced though her delicate labia, and then grew hoarse and rasping when Gregory finished his work with the 5 piercings through the puckered rim of her anus.

You will sit and obediently suck cock, you useless by De Haro, Sten

The avenger

“Perfect.” The Avenger scrolled through the data on the tablet. “Perfect. This will absolve your debt to me. But not your service. You have two choices. One: you may leave the company immediately. You will be placed on the street naked and penniless, forfeiting everything you own … well,naked except for your chastity device. You will stay locked in your chastity device. Hugo will destroy the keys and set the electrics to provide an orgasm every 15 minutes or so. You will be left on Larson Avenue to fend for yourself, including finding a locksmith or mechanic or someone who can remove the locked device, while you cum every few minutes.

The Avenger smiled, “Or you report to my quarters, this evening. I will remove the device and you will continue to serve as my maid and slave … sexual slave might I add. You have until I am finished with Mrs. Carver here to decide.”

Without further discussion The Avenger turned toward the activity in the middle of the room. An attractive blonde was strapped into mechanical chair, being force-fed an enormous cock. Tears stream from her eyes as she choked and gagged on the huge manhood being snaked down her throat … over and over.

She remembered the panties in Ms. Kim’s mouth by De Haro, Sten

The avenger

Dark gray concrete walls adorned with brushed nickel lighting topped with amber yellow lights every 8 feet or so. The combination managed to give the long hall a look of both somber darkness and warmth from the fire-like glow.

“I see you have taken a more subdued approach to the decor,” he said. “Much more subdued than your predecessor, Miss Kim. Although your predecessor’s taste in decor was exceptional.”

The Avenger laughed quietly, “Yes, well, may aim is to keep the ambiance outside the individual rooms ‘subdued’ as you said, and much more amplified inside the rooms. And I think that adjustment in style will also be evident in your choice of entertainment.”

The Prince laughed, “I do appreciate your confidence. Is it justified?”

The Avenger nodded, “I will let you decide that for yourself, but The Committee tended to over-invest in their own lavish aims and to cater to their own selfish whims … that tendency also extended to the women they provided as entertainment.” I have a slightly different source.”

“I see,” said the Prince, “and what source have you relied upon? What is your new source of entertainment, may I ask.”

The Avenger stopped and stared into the Prince’s eyes. His security detail seemed almost as surprised as the Prince himself. “My source? My source is The Committee.”

The Prince stood quietly for a moment before turning down the hall again, “And my delicacy for tonight, is she selected to my preferences?

Just me, her pussy and anything everything I want to stuff inside her by De Haro, Sten

The avenger

Finally an older woman sitting unobtrusively in rear of the room stood, “I’ll fist-fuck the slut’s cunt until it looks like so much raw prime rib and then I’ll use the biggest strap-on cock I can find to do the same thing to her tight asshole.”

The Avenger smiled and tugged on Carmen’s leash. “Sold! Madam, see Stephen right over there to set up a time and date. On to the next offer …” Suddenly Carmen let out a scream and yanked against her leash. Hugo put her back under submission with a flurry of blows with crop to her tits, strategically aimed at her pert nipples.

“Next offer,” said The Avenger, “$5,000 dollars. What are my bids?!”

A junior executive from accounting, who was already feeling the effects of one-too-many drinks, stood unsteadily, “I’ll donate five grand and I’ll hold a big party for everyone here so we can all spend the whole weekend fucking that useless bitch raw.”

She sat quietly, still breathing heavily from the intensity of her orgasm by De Haro, Sten

The photographer

“Those perky tits just beg to be photographed, don’t they?” Forny moved in front of her and she suddenly let loose a low moan. Forny laughed.

“Janice are you about to cum?”

She looked up at him pleadingly but her breathing began to quicken and deepen. Her nipples becoming even harder.

“What a trooper you are Janice, having an orgasm with your ass crammed full, just so I can get pictures. Wow, pretty soon the whole world will get to see what you look like when you cum!”

She could hold back no longer and the vibrator mired deep in her ass started an enormous chain-reaction orgasm leaving her wracked and shaking in the chair. The room seemed much quieter now with the no noise but her raspy breathing, the camera motor and the dull whir of the vibrator inside her.

She whimpered louder and began to pull and thrash against her bindings by De Haro, Sten

The photographer

“Well, Miranda,” he chided the helpless model, “I’d have to say I’m a bit surprised.”

The camera felt as though it had a mind all its own, leading him around her tautly tied nude body, and snapping picture after picture of her most intimate regions.

“I mean I always knew you model-types would be way too thin …” he laughed as he patted her belly, “but those tits are tiny. And such a furry bush! I always thought you runway sluts keep your pussies shaved and smooth??”

He yanked at the dark thatch of pubic hair that highlighted her pussy lips and pointed toward her navel. “I think there’s a call for that au’natural look … and I bet it would look very dark and edgy with my fingers in your twat!”

She nodded silently and watched as Forny hurried toward the elevator by De Haro, Sten

The photographer

In moments he had forced the struggling woman into a chair and gagged her with a prop gag from his camera bag. Suddenly he didn’t feel so weird for carrying it, as if he knew he’d be needing it some day.

A moment more and he had Michelle tied to the chair with packing cord, hands behind her back with one arm over and one pulled back. With a firm grip and a quick yank, he tore her blouse open and used scissors to cut of her bra, exposing her heavy breasts and big pale nipples that slowly hardened when exposed.

His camera was out in a flash, and the motor was whirring with picture after picture of the helpless innocent Michelle.

He ran his finger tips over her underarm and softly stroked toward her large tit. “Such smooth skin, such a soft underarm.” Michelle’s skin dimpled with goosebumps and her nipples became rock hard. Forny squeezed her exposed nipple and gave it a firm yank. And the camera whirred and clicked again and again. Finally he sighed, scrolling through the digital content and seeming pleased.