She slowly lifted her own skirt to reveal a soft smooth shaven pussy de Haro

The avenger

The Avenger then brandished a weapon and at the click of a button a four inch blade popped out. “Now Simone, you are going to eat my pussy, and do an even better job than your ‘former’ slave, or this stiletto and your nipples are going to become intimately acquainted.

“Hugo, bring her over here and see that her face finds my cunt!”

Hugo had Simone on her knees, face in The Avenger’s cunt in moments. And in moments The Avenger was seductively cooing through her first orgasm. “VERY lovely Simone … again!”

And again Simone devoured The Avengers pussy licking and sucking at the woman’s clit until a second, a third and even a fourth orgasm had completed. The Avenger sighed heavily and leaned back in her seat. “Enough fun for now, back to the business at hand.”

The Avenger shoved Simone aside and stood, handing the stiletto to Hugo. “To be a proper slave, Simone, you must have an owner. And so we will need to have an auction.”

She prowled about the room with a smile, “For sale, I offer this horny, big-titted bitch as personal sex-slave and fuck-toy!!” She then pointed at the naked executive standing as he was instructed, “What is your bid?”

The man seemed stunned and shook his head, “How … how much are you selling her for?”

The Avenger laughed, “How much is in your pants pocket?”

The harder you fuck her, the harsher the shock by De Haro

The avenger

The Stationary Bike was just as wicked as the other machines and as Mr. Adams pedaled faster and faster, leather strops fitted perfectly for Amanda’s body began to spin. Each full pedal brought a strop slapping against her pussy, her tits or one of her ass cheeks.

Mr. Adams pedaled furiously and the strops began to sound like a machine gun – whap!whap!whap!whap!whap!whap!whap!whap! – each blow to a different random sensitive part … tits, pussy, ass, pussy, ass,tits, tits, pussy, tits, ass, pussy, tits … the blows slapping against Amanda’s ever-reddening flesh. Finally, Mr. Adams tired and Hugo began to remove Amanda from the bike frame and moved her to a different device.

“This is called the Cardio-Box, Mr. Adams … usually a good way to end a challenging work-out.” The Avenger smiled as Hugo bent Amanda at the waist and forced her into the chamber of the box – a chamber that had been specially designed just for Amanda. Her arms were bound at her side and her head stuck out the front of the box as did the rest of her body, from the waist down.

Amanda’s ankles were bound and then lid was closed and locked. She was now bent at the waist, and trapped in the box with her ass and pussy fully exposed. She could feel two knobs just in front of each hip bone as well as something cool and almost sticky touching each nipple.

Mr. Addams stepped up to box and instinctively pulled out his cock. He laughed wickedly, and stepped closer to Amanda’s exposed ass. “Ha ha, well I certainly see the point of this exercise, but why is it called the Cardio-Box?”

His comment drew an evil chuckled from The Avenger. “Carefully pick a moist hole, Mr. Adams, and I will explain. Fuck her slowly, please.”

The bound woman near the door nodded slowly but kept her tear-filled eyes closed by De Haro

The avenger

The gagged woman made no sound but simply stood trembling as a the Avenger continued, “I do realize that you were little more than an unintelligent pawn in the workings of The Comittee – fetching information, spying, doing the leg work while they reaped the true benefits. And to keep your miserable life … to prevent me from ruining those lovely nipples with this cigarette … you will do the same for me. But first, you must be taught a valuable lesson, don’t you think? Hugo!”

The large man who had taken her and ripped off clothes suddenly stepped in through the office doorway. He was an enormous figure – 6 foot 5 inches and brutally muscled. His huge hands made short work of her undergarments and soon she was completely naked. He kicked her legs apart and began fitting something metal around her waist. Another metal part latched in the back and went down between her legs – two straps that seemed to meet between her legs. Hugo grabbed her by the hair and something hard and round was stuffed into her pussy. She gasped at the sudden invasion. The strap was pulled up through the front, worked in between her pussy lips and latched in the front below her belly button. She watched in horror as the apparatus was sealed with a padlock and key.

The woman took a long final drag on her cigarette and stood to walk closer to the now chastised young woman. “Now, you and your pussy belong to me.”

She pulled a small remote control out of purse and tapped a button. A dull shock buzzed at the helpless woman’s pussy lips and deep inside through the metal ball now locked inside her. “When I use this I can make you feel distracted, or horny or in pain. You will comply with my every instruction or I will fry your clit like bacon.”

She tapped a button and woman shrieked behind her gag. “The back is open so you can take care of those more disgusting biological needs and tht only leaves the front. Hugo!”