She sat quietly, still breathing heavily from the intensity of her orgasm by De Haro, Sten

The photographer

“Those perky tits just beg to be photographed, don’t they?” Forny moved in front of her and she suddenly let loose a low moan. Forny laughed.

“Janice are you about to cum?”

She looked up at him pleadingly but her breathing began to quicken and deepen. Her nipples becoming even harder.

“What a trooper you are Janice, having an orgasm with your ass crammed full, just so I can get pictures. Wow, pretty soon the whole world will get to see what you look like when you cum!”

She could hold back no longer and the vibrator mired deep in her ass started an enormous chain-reaction orgasm leaving her wracked and shaking in the chair. The room seemed much quieter now with the no noise but her raspy breathing, the camera motor and the dull whir of the vibrator inside her.