She whimpered louder and began to pull and thrash against her bindings by De Haro, Sten

The photographer

“Well, Miranda,” he chided the helpless model, “I’d have to say I’m a bit surprised.”

The camera felt as though it had a mind all its own, leading him around her tautly tied nude body, and snapping picture after picture of her most intimate regions.

“I mean I always knew you model-types would be way too thin …” he laughed as he patted her belly, “but those tits are tiny. And such a furry bush! I always thought you runway sluts keep your pussies shaved and smooth??”

He yanked at the dark thatch of pubic hair that highlighted her pussy lips and pointed toward her navel. “I think there’s a call for that au’natural look … and I bet it would look very dark and edgy with my fingers in your twat!”