Leaving the poor slut screaming and creaming by Badia

Various devices

Magdalena had been a very naughty girl. She refused to spread her legs for the prison wardens and serve or service them with all of her lovely holes, so she was doomed to spend a night with “The Ass Blaster!” Covered in rough brambles and the fiercest, meanest spikes, Magdalena screamed blue and bloody murder when it was inserted roughly into her tight, virgin anus! The poor girl shrieked and screamed, her ass twitching violently as she sobbed and begged for mercy! But there would be no mercy for poor Magdalena!

“Please take it out of me! You’re killing me!! Please please please! I can’t stand it! Please take it out!” she begged!

The prison wardens and guards did not care for poor, pretty Magdalena’s pleading. In fact, they were turned on by it! “We’re going to hook up these electrodes to the Ass Blaster, you stupid, fucking bitch! They’re going to shock you and make it vibrate inside you, ripping you apart! I hope you had a good shit this morning, you stupid slut, because it’s going to burn and hurt for weeks!”

The guard slapped her jiggling thigh by Badia

Various devices

Cutie Chelsea screamed her lungs out when the ridged teeth of the clamps bit down hard on her nipples, waking her from her chloroform dreamland, but the cloth gag covering her mouth, and her soiled, dirty panties shoved inside her scream hole, rendered her shrieks into mere mewls of despair. The poor, confused little bimbo looked around, wide eyed, at the cold, stone prison walls surrounding her, and she could feel the chill waft stroke her naked, shivering body.

“Wakey wakey princess!” the guards said, laughing as they welcomed confused Chelsea to her new home. “Your family didn’t like you burning through the family fortune, so they decided to send you on a PERMANENT vacation! You’re no rich bitch anymore! Now you’re just a whore to be used for our fun and pleasure! But first, you have to be trained… and taught what happens to naughty, little tarts who don’t obey their betters!”

Chelsea watched with tear filled eyes as the guards brought out a set of heavy weights. “These will pull those nice, juicy tits away from your body… it’s very simple…” The guard placed the weight on Chelsea’s tit, and she screamed a muffled scream into her gag as the pain in her tit increased a thousandfold! “We just keep adding weights and see how far we can stretch those knockers! Maybe we’ll rip them off if we add enough! Wouldn’t that be fun?” The guards laughed at Chelsea’s distress as she shook her head wildly, tears and sweat flecking away from her pretty, made up face.

Emilia was a naughty little snitch by Badia

Various devices

But enchanting Emilia needed to be cleaned out first… so they fitted her to the Slut Pump! Stretched and spread and exposed so helplessly, and her tits and nips bound painfully tight, Emilia’s mouth was fitted with a cock shaped tube that went all the way down to the back of her throat! But the prison guards weren’t done with her yet… they fitted her tight little ass with the same! Slowly, painfully, and sadistically, the guards pumped poor, enchanting Emilia with liter after liter of water. Emilia groaned and tried to beg and writhe as prettily as she could, hoping for mercy, but all she did was make the guards’ cocks rock hard! Soon her belly began to swell, her guts filling to bursting with water! “PLLLEAFFF!!! PLLEAFFF NNHHH MMMUHHH!!! YHHHLL KKKHHLLL MMMUUHHH!!!!” she begged, her belly rumbling in desperation!

“Crank those chains tighter! Spread this little slut out so we can really see her slit!” the guards roared, laughing at Emilia’s misery. “This is what happens to nasty little tattle tales! You should’ve kept your slut mouth shut!” The guards sniggered as one of them brought out a big billy club. “You see this? We’re gonna use it on your water balloon of a tummy, and you know what’ll happen? You’ll pop, and your guts will spill all over the floor! It’ll be like a meat piñata!”

Emilia’s eyes went wide, and she frantically shook her head, coughing up water and tears. “NNHHH!!!! NHHH NHHH NHHH PLLLFFF NHHH!!!” she begged them desperately. The guard laid the truncheon across her tummy. “One hard swing, and you’ll explode! That’s all it’ll take!”