The only two female squad members had been stripped naked by De Haro

Slave of war

Three fingers were shoved into her dripping snatch, “She’s still sloppy from her last fuck!” The man slipped a fourth finger inside her as the woman moaned and squirmed to escape the attention. He shoved and twisted his hand and it soon was buried deep in her pussy. His fisting was hard and fast.

Another Baschan soldier, yanked a medallion off a scorched enemy jacket and opened the clasp to extend the needle-like pin which held it on. He took a firm grasp of her right nipple and roughly pierced the medal through the tender brown flesh. “There, now you’ve been awarded a medal for having a fist in your pussy in combat.”

The warslave was suddenly yanked to her feet and led across the camp center. The medal dangled and bounced from her pierced nipple and her gaping cunt dripped stale semen down her thighs. She was tossed into firing position and staked to the ground in the midst of a broken Vickers machine gun and several ammo boxes.

A soldier yelled from across the grounds, “Captain, we’ve loaded the truck and we’re ready.”

Take your hands off your cunt by De Haro

Lennox house

She called six female guards.
“Here she is, girls, your favorite insurgent! She’s all yours! Get your cunts all over her. She needs a good cunt wash! Every square inch of her!”

The Major untied Ángela and placed her on her back while the guards stripped off. The Head Guard took went down onto her, kissing and licking at first and then later doing a cunt-to-cunt scissors.

Ángela was disgusted but tried not to show it. The guards laughed and joked and discussed who got which part to work on. One guard sat on her face. Two of them took her hands and placed them on their cunts. A third lay across her and rubbed her cunt over Ángela’s breasts, laughing. The other three moved around, joking and rubbing themselves on whatever parts of Ángela they could.

The room was soon heavy with the smell of women’s juices, sweat and urine. The walls rang with the guards’ soft moans that soon became urgent gasps and groans. Ángela licked one cunt after another and masturbated any guards she could.

The Major stood up. She waited until all the guards had cum, and then she sat on Ángela’s face again. Her huge breasts bounced up and down. She gasped and closed her eyes…

“Now you’ve learnt something, insurgent!” she said. “People think all we dyke’s do is sit on faces and lick cunts, but it’s not true. Do you know what we do most of the time?”
“No, Mistress.”
“We lie on each other and we fuck each other’s thighs. Like this! Got it?”
“Yes, Mistress.”

Her husband might buy her back to be his newest anal slut and toilet slave by Badia

Anal pics

Christine screamed when the snatch squad grabbed her in broad daylight off the street. Her husband cried crocodile tears when his wife’s “body” turned up dead, and nobody questioned poor, proud Christine’s sudden disappearance.

Now Christine was about to spend the rest of her time as an anal slave in the Butt Dickers and Ass Lickers wing of the prison! This frigid housewife hadn’t opened her legs for even her own husband, and now she was about to be the most obedient shit and slit licker in the prison. A session with the Ass Blaster in Christine’s tight, virgin anus was enough to turn the howling, entitled pig into the most obedient, little, pussy sucking lamb around! Soon she’d sweat off those pounds running rounds in the “stockyard” for the prison guards and mistresses.

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Slave of war

And she was needed often. Every few feet one of the soldiers would tug the rope through her pussy, and pull her up to him, taking a minute or two to bite and chew at her nipples or to force her to her knees for a mouthful of cock.

She had already tasted the cocks of nearly half the squad before she was hoisted onto the truck. Once inside she was led into the middle of the truck bed with the soldiers sitting on benches on either side. One of the platoon leaders, a young corporal, removed the rope and wiggled the damp panties from her pussy.

“These are surely wet enough, gents!” he laughed holding up the tattered lace. “I think she likes being our squad bitch.”

A sergeant near the gate of the truck suddenly stood up, bracing himself as the truck lurched into motion with a thick scarred hand on a brace above him.

“Well, Corporal Bevins, you led the taking of that enemy position just yesterday … you should lead the fucking of this horny bitch!” The truck erupted in cheers except for the helpless woman standing exposed on the center who whimpered and shook her head in horror.

She’s gonna lick you and make you cum till you can’t cum anymore by Badia

Hair torment

The organizers of “Threes” set up clubs for different interest groups. One of these was called the Hair Club. They also offered their premises online for hire by anyone who wanted somewhere to go for a fuck, and if the customer had no partner, they provided one or two at a price.

Dan Jenkins, a local insurance salesman, was a good customer. He always dressed up in shiny boots for his sessions. He liked to keep a friend of his, a large-breasted blonde, suspended from a hook on the wall while he fucked another woman. He was surprised and pleased when he saw the woman the club had provided for him. It was his boss’s wife!

“The way I see it, bitch, your husband owes me a pay hike or two! Until I get it, I’m taking it in fucks! Understand?”
The wife tried to nod, but it was impossible.

“You look good like that, bitch! With your hair up, I mean! Women should look a man in the eye when they get fucked! A lot of them don’t do that! Especially when they ride a man they look to one side! That’s wrong, bitch!”

Suck my clit, you fucking useless cunt by De Haro

Lennox house

She flogged them for a minute or two until they were red and bruised and covered in welts. Then she dragged Ángela by the ankles to the middle of the room.
“Push your butt up off the ground, bitch! Like a crab! And don’t let it touch the ground!”

Ángela obeyed. She was terrified. Her vulva was the highest part of her body now, she realized. It was exposed, open and defenseless…


The Major flogged Ángela’s cunt and got hornier and hornier as she flogged it. Then she lifted her own skirt and Ángela saw that she had no underwear on. The Major carried on flogging, but now she was masturbating as well.

Ángela quickly lost strength from the effort of keeping her buttocks off the ground and when there was a very painful whiplash on her open vulva she jerked and her bottom touched the ground.

The Major suddenly stopped.
“Lift your butt, you dumb bitch!” she shouted. Ángela pushed her bottom up again. This time the Major turned the whip round and hit her on the cunt with the handle…

Suzy was a sex trainer by Badia

Hair torment

The sessions began with a flogging session. The stinging riding crop came down again and again on the girl’s body, especially on her breasts but also on the soft skin at the top of her thighs, on the outside of her sex lips and on the tip of her clitoris and its hood.

“You’re fuckmeat, bitch! You’re a slut! You’ve got an open cunt and anus, OK? You do whatever the clients want, got that? If they say, get your tongue into my asshole and clean it for me, you do it, right? If they piss into your mouth or cunt, that’s OK, right? If they say piss into my mouth, you piss, right?”

Suzy was a lesbian and she sometimes made her point by pissing into the girl’s mouth or onto her open sex lips.

“I like the job,” she said to customers. “I fuck and I get fucked as much as I like!”

After three sessions, Suzy took the girl’s dildo out, removed her gag and sat on her face.
“Lick me! Make me cum! If I cum, you’re ready to meet the first customer!”
She was always randy and she always came.

It was time for this girl to meet her first customer. He had been in the next room waiting and listening and he came in with his zipper down and his cock out.

The box was dark and hot as she squirmed against the tight ropes by De Haro


He moved from her pussy to her taught asshole and stuffed the same two fingers inside. She yelped against the gag in her mouth,

“Questions I know … but unlike the other jurors and the DA, I didn’t have to find you.” He continued talking as he moved his tools closer and adjusted his work table. You see, you were given to me. It seems that you’ve been a very naughty girl. You see, your father had you placed on my jury to teach you some odd kind of civics lesson and to keep you out of trouble for a couple months.” Her doe-like eyes widened at the very sound of it … her very father had turned her over to this serial killer.

“Sounds like you have been doing just about every thing but learning a valuable lesson … instead you flaunt your civic duty and end having drug parties in your hotel suite and fucking the judge … and my attorney. And by sending my away for what was supposed to be a life sentence.”

He picked up the tattoo wand and turned it on, laughing as the helpless young woman winced at the high-pitched whirring. “Your father was so ashamed that he contacted me in prison and arranged to get me out. I was supposed to get you under control and keep under wraps, while he sold you to a German bank exec friend of his. He paid a lot to get me out and even more to hire me to kidnap you.”

He sank the tattoo needle into her left nipple and her shriek echoed throughout the hideout.

“Of course he didn’t know I’d turn the other jurors into human art projects … but it works out for us all in the end. I get my revenge, your father gets a hefty sum for selling you as a sex-slave, and you get to be turned into a fuck-toy by a total stranger! Haha!!”

He worked the needle back and forth across her tortured nipple as she squirmed and wept. “And about the “TOY” part of the fuck-toy sale … seems Herr Gruber had some very specific demands on what his new plaything – you – needed to look like. And since several million dollars where on the line, of course your father agreed. So you just relax and watch in that body-length mirror above you as I turn you into a sex-doll for your new owner.”

He tried an experimental whack on the brunette’s buttocks by Badia

Tied together

Every time Hugh had a flogger in his hand and a butt to flog, he flogged good and hard…
“Take that, bitch! For covering up your ass!”

Hugh’s wife was getting excited at the sound of the leather on buttocks… She stopped him
“My turn!” she yelled.
“Look up at the sky, bitches! Get your heads out of the way!”

She was good with a whip and she brought it down vertically onto their large breasts.
“Rub your nipples together!” she shouted. “I can cum like that, just with my nipples!”

The girls rubbed their nipples against each other. They were soon gasping and moaning, but they didn’t look as if they were going to cum.

Hugh released them but he left their arms tied. He took them into the house and made them lie back side by side on the kitchen table with their feet on the floor and their legs open wide.

“Take cock, slut! Right up your cunt!” Hugh said as he slid his cock in.
“Take tongue, slut!” his wife said as she licked the blonde.

Hugh had a good fuck. He made the brunette groan with enforced pleasure and he also the blonde next to him to look at as his wife licked her cunt.

It all became one big, sweaty, noisy fuck. His wife joined in, rubbing her nipples with one hand and masturbating with the other…

I’m a lesbian, you pukes, I don’t even like dick by De Haro

Slave of war

The top-sergeant stood over them. “So you don’t like cock, is that the problem, dyke?”

The woman mumbled angrily behind the filthy panties in her mouth.

“Well, then your friend can take all the cocks meant for you. We certainly don’t want upset your delicate sensibilities. And instead of eating dick, you can service as the squad urinal.” He turned back to the men and women of the squad ignoring the panicked look on the girls’ faces.

“Take the lesbo and strap her to the flag pole. Hurley! Do you still have that dummy grenade?”

Private Hurley stepped forward and produced the dummy practice grenade. Yes, sergeant. Here it is.”

“Good, pull the pin and strap the ring in her mouth to keep it open. Stuff the grenade up her pussy.”

Hurley scooped up some grease from the nearby mess set and went to work. In minute the beautiful lesbian was strapped to the pole – her mouth held open by the metal ring and moaning with the grenade stuffed deep in her pussy.

Hurley began to undo his trousers, “Gentlemen, and ladies, the squad urinal is now open for business!” With that he stuffed his thick cock into her mouth and let loose a heavy stream of piss down her throat. The women gurgled and gagged but had no choice but to swallow the urine. She gasped as Hurley stepped away, seeing that several men were already lining up to piss in her mouth.