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GQS – The curse of Isthar


It was useless. Ptolemy began walking round like a lion in a cage. His enemy’s name was clear enough now. Julius Caesar. But Caesar was an all-powerful ruler and a ruthless opponent in war. There was nothing he could do about him. Caesar himself was untouchable. But the other plotters weren’t. Who were they?

He picked up a bamboo cane and brought it down onto her red and bruised breasts.


Caestus smiled and waved his erect cock at her by Mr.Kane

GQS – The curse of Isthar

In the end Claudia cracked. She knew she couldn’t take any more beatings and she asked them to stop.

“Alright! I’ll tell you all I know!”
“I’m listening, bitch!”
“Yes, I got orders. They were always sealed. They gave them to my husband when they ordered supplies for the ships.”

“Who did they come from? Who gave them to him?”
“I never knew that. Nobody told me those things. I can only tell you what my orders were.”
“Tell us, bitch, or you’ll eat cock again!”

She took everything I did to her in the final contest, the dirty slut by Mr.Kane

GQS – Game of slaves

“If all this is true, you are truly insane, Ceruleus the Cobra!”

“Maybe! Sometimes it’s better to be crazy! Anyway I lost a lot of money in the last games. And I want to get it back. And I want to tread that proud idiot Arkenjheh into the mud!”

She opened her eyes wide.
“Arkenjheh? The wise, educated Arkenjheh? I can’t believe he’d have anything to do with this filth!”!

“He’s been putting his learning and his wisdom to good use for years now, abusing and torturing poor innocent slaves! Haha! He makes a lot of money from it too! And he beat me in the last games! He took all the money, all of it!”

They would flog her and fuck her endlessly and they would let their friends flog her and fuck her too by Mr.Kane

GQS – Game of slaves

Ceruleos the Cobra stopped pressing her down onto the table. It was not necessary anymore. The nails would hold her there. She would not move for fear of destroying her breasts. They were already beginning to swell up, he saw with satisfaction.

The Cobra gazed at her breasts for some moments. He gave one of his strange clicks with his forked tongue and he took his cock out. He was so horny now that he only needed a few quick pump s to shoot his semen over her breasts…
“CLICK! OH! GASP! Take spunk, bitch! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!”

He wiped his dripping cock over her face and hair. There was nothing she could do about it.

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GQS – Game of slaves

He took a bottle out of his tunic and drank from it. His body trembled for a moment and his cock grew.
“Put the slut on the ground!” he ordered. “On her knees!”
Rufia summoned all her remaining strength and managed to mumble a phrase or two…
“I… never be… your slave… never!”

“Take a good look at this, Rufia!” the Cobra said. “Good and hard, eh? CLICK! Your tits do that to me! But I’m a generous man, I’m going to let my gladiators fuck you this time! ”

He gestured to the doorway where three gladiators who used to belong to Rufia were fucking each other in the ass and mouth.

It was illegal to buy or sell sexual slaves, but a lot of it went on by Mr.Kane

Black star timelapse

All the women in the Flesh Carnival were slaves and they had all passed rigorous tests of submission to males. Lord Hazarin had given his permission for their sexual exploitation.

Most of the women could do extraordinary things like taking huge and sometimes gigantic cocks into all their orifices. They could lick anuses for hours without their jaws getting tired and they could move their flexible bodies in acrobatic ways while being fucked in the asses. They could also put out lighted candles with their wet cunts.

Cockhunter took the male by the cock and led him along a passageway past the pirates’ shacks by Mr.Kane

Black star timelapse

The hormones from their cunts were exciting the male, despite his fear and the repugnance their bodies caused him. The other prisoners were also aroused and they were getting noisy. The guards shouted at them…

“Cut that noise, bastards! And if one of you shoots any spunk, he’ll go straight down into the mines and he’ll look for tangelium with his cock, alright?”

Meanwhile, Bettina’s craft was slowly spinning out of control as it moved back and forth along the gulley, hitting against the rocky sides. The vibrations were terrible now and Bettina was struggling to control the craft. She thought of putting her safety harness on, but she decided against it. In situations like this, it could be make things worse…

She had heard many of their stories, but none of them were about mutants like these monsters by Mr.Kane

Black star timelapse

The pain in her crotch was terrible and the sinister thugs were pulling her legs wide open. She felt like one of the contortionists that she had seen when a traveling circus visited the mining village.

She looked around. There were other monsters waiting, crouched over like apes, waving the tentacles that covered their faces. She knew the tentacles were not part of their masks. They were real. She guessed correctly that these strange creatures had once been human. She could not know it, but their strange clothes were made of human skin.

One of them came over to her, walking almost like a hunchback, and used his tentacles like tongues to lick the urine that was spilling out of her.

Then they’ll hand you over to their oldest mutants to be fucked and eaten by Mr.Kane

Black star timelapse

“Listen, Bettina, listen!” He spoke through Azrim’s mouth. “You’ve got to help me! We can get out of this and we can live to fuck again, and again, and again! What we don’t want to do is die in this place!”

“Yes, yes! Fuck me to death, my Prince! We’ve got plenty of time here. Carry on, please! Don’t take it out! I need more! GASP! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!”

“Let go of my cock, will you?” Prince Azrim struggle to free himself. “We don’t want to be captured by the mutants! They’d enslave us or eat us!”

“The ship is lost, my Lord! The controls don’t respond! If it is my destiny to be a slave, I will die fucking! I will have your cock inside me when the ship crashes!”

He stared in amazement as the large breasts seemed to be breaking up into tiny particles by Mr.Kane

Black star timelapse

It seemed to Azrim that the voice was coming from outside his head. It seemed to be coming from the other side of the wormhole exit, from Hazer-3.

“Take command, Azrim! Stop asking this masturbating slut to do it! Make her do it if you can’t do it yourself! Take her gun away! We’ve got to take over this ship before it breaks up! Take her gun!”

Azrim strode over to Bettina and slapped her face and tits…
“Stop that! Leave yourself alone, fuck you! I’m Prince Azrim! This is an emergency! We’re breaking up! Fire the engines, you stupid bitch!”

Bettina stopped masturbating…
“Prince Azrim? You are Prince Azrim, the most famous traitor? No, that’s not possible! He’s dead! His capsule drifted away from the Wastecamp a long time ago!”