She nodded silently and watched as Forny hurried toward the elevator by De Haro, Sten

The photographer

In moments he had forced the struggling woman into a chair and gagged her with a prop gag from his camera bag. Suddenly he didn’t feel so weird for carrying it, as if he knew he’d be needing it some day.

A moment more and he had Michelle tied to the chair with packing cord, hands behind her back with one arm over and one pulled back. With a firm grip and a quick yank, he tore her blouse open and used scissors to cut of her bra, exposing her heavy breasts and big pale nipples that slowly hardened when exposed.

His camera was out in a flash, and the motor was whirring with picture after picture of the helpless innocent Michelle.

He ran his finger tips over her underarm and softly stroked toward her large tit. “Such smooth skin, such a soft underarm.” Michelle’s skin dimpled with goosebumps and her nipples became rock hard. Forny squeezed her exposed nipple and gave it a firm yank. And the camera whirred and clicked again and again. Finally he sighed, scrolling through the digital content and seeming pleased.