The guard slapped her jiggling thigh by Badia

Various devices

Cutie Chelsea screamed her lungs out when the ridged teeth of the clamps bit down hard on her nipples, waking her from her chloroform dreamland, but the cloth gag covering her mouth, and her soiled, dirty panties shoved inside her scream hole, rendered her shrieks into mere mewls of despair. The poor, confused little bimbo looked around, wide eyed, at the cold, stone prison walls surrounding her, and she could feel the chill waft stroke her naked, shivering body.

“Wakey wakey princess!” the guards said, laughing as they welcomed confused Chelsea to her new home. “Your family didn’t like you burning through the family fortune, so they decided to send you on a PERMANENT vacation! You’re no rich bitch anymore! Now you’re just a whore to be used for our fun and pleasure! But first, you have to be trained… and taught what happens to naughty, little tarts who don’t obey their betters!”

Chelsea watched with tear filled eyes as the guards brought out a set of heavy weights. “These will pull those nice, juicy tits away from your body… it’s very simple…” The guard placed the weight on Chelsea’s tit, and she screamed a muffled scream into her gag as the pain in her tit increased a thousandfold! “We just keep adding weights and see how far we can stretch those knockers! Maybe we’ll rip them off if we add enough! Wouldn’t that be fun?” The guards laughed at Chelsea’s distress as she shook her head wildly, tears and sweat flecking away from her pretty, made up face.

She slowly lifted her own skirt to reveal a soft smooth shaven pussy de Haro

The avenger

The Avenger then brandished a weapon and at the click of a button a four inch blade popped out. “Now Simone, you are going to eat my pussy, and do an even better job than your ‘former’ slave, or this stiletto and your nipples are going to become intimately acquainted.

“Hugo, bring her over here and see that her face finds my cunt!”

Hugo had Simone on her knees, face in The Avenger’s cunt in moments. And in moments The Avenger was seductively cooing through her first orgasm. “VERY lovely Simone … again!”

And again Simone devoured The Avengers pussy licking and sucking at the woman’s clit until a second, a third and even a fourth orgasm had completed. The Avenger sighed heavily and leaned back in her seat. “Enough fun for now, back to the business at hand.”

The Avenger shoved Simone aside and stood, handing the stiletto to Hugo. “To be a proper slave, Simone, you must have an owner. And so we will need to have an auction.”

She prowled about the room with a smile, “For sale, I offer this horny, big-titted bitch as personal sex-slave and fuck-toy!!” She then pointed at the naked executive standing as he was instructed, “What is your bid?”

The man seemed stunned and shook his head, “How … how much are you selling her for?”

The Avenger laughed, “How much is in your pants pocket?”

He tied her up by the hair and flogged her tits while she masturbated and they were both very happy together by Badia

Hair torment

Jack had a short fuse. Almost anything threw him into a rage. One day a Mexican woman contacted him on the web site. She wanted to be tied up by a man while a woman watched, she said. No women had replied to her ad so Jack posted the details again and got a reply from a blonde with big breasts who said she just wanted to watch and masturbate.

He tied the Mexican woman up, sat her on a wooden stake and pierced her clitoris with a pointed stick.

The woman screamed. The blonde stood to one side and fondled her own breasts and played with her own cunt lips.

It could all have gone well, but there was a problem: Jack was crazy, a case for the funny farm.

He stood in front of the Mexican and began masturbating. He turned to the blonde and said:
“I wanna shoot some spunk over this bitch’s udders!”
“D’you need a hand?” the blonde asked.
“Sure! Help yourself!”

She didn’t want to cum for this sadistic bitch by De Haro

Lennox house

The Major put lube on a green dildo made of rubber. She stroked Ángela’s buttocks and then stroked her anus before pushing the dildo in…

Ángela twisted and turned and the Major smiled. Her eyes were fixed on Ángela’s breasts, which were swinging heavily from side to side.

She Major licked her lips and picked up her riding crop.
“You’ve made a lot of people horny with those nice tits of yours haven’t you? Men and women! The soldiers said you were on your bike when they arrested you. They said you had a low-cut top, no bra and they could see your tits! Is that true?”
Ángela nodded.
“That was naughty, wasn’t it? You’re going to be punished now, on the right place for it, your tits!”

The Major flogged her breasts until they were red and bruised. Then she pushed Ángela onto her side so that she flog her breasts and vulva at the same time. She did it in a slow, ritualistic way, enjoying the sound of her crop on soft female flesh…