Tie her up any way you like, but her cunt must go on the metal bit by De Haro

Lennox house

The list was endless and Ángela had very little to tell him. Her partner was only her second partner. No, she had never had sex with women, not before coming to Lennox House. Did she like it? She looked nervously at Major Ramírez and said yes.

As he went through the questions the Officer increased the strength of the electric shocks on Ángela’s vulva. Towards the end he asked her if she had had sex with terrorist insurgents and she said no.

He asked the same question several times and increased the shocks each time.

Then he changed her position. He placed her on her back with her bottom on the round top of the device. She felt like an animal, like a crab. She knew that her vulva was high and defenseless.

The Officer unplugged the device and took the cable in both hands. He rubbed it backward and forward over her clitoris until the clitoris was wet and erect. Then he folded the cable so that it was double.

“Don’t close your legs, rebel bitch!” he ordered.

For a few blows Ángela obeyed and managed to keep her legs open, but then she closed them.

“I’m sorry,” Major Ramírez said. “She’s not fully trained yet.”
“I understand,” he said.
“Fuck her if you like!”
“Thanks, I was going to.”

The one who makes her cum skips a tit-flogging session by De Haro

Lennox house

The guard sat on the bed. It was the first part of the obedience test. “The Major will be here soon,” she said. “While you’re waiting you can finger yourself. Put your hand in your pants and play with your clitoris.”

The guard watched as Ángela slid her hand into her panties and used the hard ball of her hand, just below the thumb, to move her cunt lips around and press on her clitoris.

The Major came in and watched. She sent the guard away and lowered her zipper.
“Put your fingers in my cunt!”
Ángela obeyed.
“Tell me you like women!”
“No! I’m not a lesbian!”

The Major smiled and let Ángela masturbate her to a soft, slow orgasm…
“GASP! OOOOOOH! Drink my cunt juice!” she ordered. A look of disgust came over Ángela’s face, but she pulled down the Major’s pants and licked her.

The Major picked up a bamboo cane.
“Turn round, bitch! Uncover your buttocks! Put your hands behind your back!”
“NOOOOO!!! Don’t cane me, please! I did what you said!”
“Next time I ask you if you like women, you say YES!”

Take your hands off your cunt by De Haro

Lennox house

She called six female guards.
“Here she is, girls, your favorite insurgent! She’s all yours! Get your cunts all over her. She needs a good cunt wash! Every square inch of her!”

The Major untied Ángela and placed her on her back while the guards stripped off. The Head Guard took went down onto her, kissing and licking at first and then later doing a cunt-to-cunt scissors.

Ángela was disgusted but tried not to show it. The guards laughed and joked and discussed who got which part to work on. One guard sat on her face. Two of them took her hands and placed them on their cunts. A third lay across her and rubbed her cunt over Ángela’s breasts, laughing. The other three moved around, joking and rubbing themselves on whatever parts of Ángela they could.

The room was soon heavy with the smell of women’s juices, sweat and urine. The walls rang with the guards’ soft moans that soon became urgent gasps and groans. Ángela licked one cunt after another and masturbated any guards she could.

The Major stood up. She waited until all the guards had cum, and then she sat on Ángela’s face again. Her huge breasts bounced up and down. She gasped and closed her eyes…

“Now you’ve learnt something, insurgent!” she said. “People think all we dyke’s do is sit on faces and lick cunts, but it’s not true. Do you know what we do most of the time?”
“No, Mistress.”
“We lie on each other and we fuck each other’s thighs. Like this! Got it?”
“Yes, Mistress.”

His thick semen hit her throat by De Haro

Lennox house

He pulled back his arm.
“You rebel whores, you’re all slow learners! But we’re good teachers! We flog your tits and cunts and we fuck you till you learn what obedience means!”


He brought the flogger down onto her naked breasts until they were red and bruised. Then he turned the flogger round and hit her on the cunt with the handle…
“NOOOOOOO, PLEEEEASE, DON’T HIT ME! Do what you want with me, but don’t hurt me, please!”

The President turned to the Major and smiled behind his mask.
“Congratulations, Major! You’ve trained her well!”
“Thank you. She knows who her Mistress is, that’s for sure! You will teach her who her Master is!”
“She’s given her Master a good hard dick, Major! Now she can get down on her knees and give him a nice wet blowjob!”

The Major released Ángela, who knelt down, took the President’s cock in both hands and lifted it. She remembered the Major’s words: “Most men can’t get off unless you use your hands.”