Now, that’ll teach you, baby by Geoff Merrick, Steve

bdsm comics by Steve
Her eyes then locked with the girl’s. “Oh, don’t look at me like that, Claire. What did you think was going to happen when you showed up in my class all sweet and innocent, with those big brown puppy dog eyes and wet pouty kewpie-doll lips … ‘oh teach me, teach me Ms. Swanson! I’ll do my best, Ms. Swanson! You just ignore my killer body and super-cute face the way I do, Ms. Swanson! Let’s pretend that every boy, and most of the girls, don’t wanna fuck me, Ms. Swanson! Who, little ol’ innocent pure-as-the-driven-snow-me, Ms. Swanson?’”
The words hit Claire like slaps, making her eyes water, her eyelids quiver, and then blink, her expression crumbling into agonized despair. Her head screwed on her neck, tears pouring out onto the carpet as her body was wracked by shuddering sobs.

bdsm comics by Steve
“Oh no,” cried Dorothy Swanson, running over to kneel by Claire’s head. “Did I upset you, dear?” She took Claire’s face in her hands, forcing the girl to look back up at her. “Did I make sweet little snookums cry?” The Holden girl’s eyes fluttered as she tried to keep, or lose, her sanity.
“That’s the least of it, bitch,” the woman promised. “I don’t like girls who act like you, all sweetness and light. You look like a sex doll, so that’s just what you’re gonna be. You’re ours now, body, face, and soul, and we’re gonna keep you nice and safe.” Claire was crying in earnest as the woman kneed the man lightly in the shoulder. “You almost done?”
“Give me a minute,” he grunted. “Shit, I already screwed her three times today!”
“Good boy,” Ms. Swanson commended. She squeezed Claire’s face. “Now, that’ll teach you, baby.” Then she rocked back and watched as he curled his arms under the girl’s shoulders, sunk his fingers into the grooves made by her collar bones, and started humping her like a rabid dog.

Intensely textured for your pleasure by Steve, Geoff Merrick

bdsm comics by Steve, Geoff Merrick
The deliveryman dragged the groaning girl to her knees, cupped the back of her head, and shoved her face down onto his cock.
It stabbed into the hole in her mouth like a knife into a scabbard. The crown hit the back of her throat, setting off her gag reflex, but he didn’t let go as she twisted and choked. In a trice, the teacher was there, grabbing the back of the girl’s neck while jamming her other hand deep into her bra.
“There, there, dear,” she crooned into Claire’s ear as she mauled a tit. “Take it … take it all, like a good girl.”
bdsm comics by Steve, Geoff Merrick
One of Dotty’s hands was back in the girl’s shirt as she leaned down on Claire’s back while thrusting the warming, whirring wanker up into her over and over and over again.
Claire was sweating profusely, her shirt all but transparent, her legs vibrating. Drool poured out of her yanked-open mouth, splashing the deliveryman’s lap and splattering the floor around his chair. Mucous streamed out of her nostrils and a steady stream of tears coursed down her cheeks. She didn’t even feel Swanson’s fingers leaving her chest, but she certainly felt them find her clit.
The girl twitched in place as the teacher expertly stimulated her student as only a fellow female could.
Claire began to twist her torso, her mouth locked to his cock and her knees seemingly nailed to the kitchen floor. She began to rhythmically grunt in hysteria as her skin reddened.

Rebecca asked when they could leave by Steve, Geoff Merrick

bdsm comics by Steve
The special squad unlocked the door and moved quickly into the apartment. Rebecca and Amy were where the brothers had left them. They had been there only for the better part of a day, so they were in better shape than Kim had been.
Even so, they were weak, abused, and terrified, so they were glad to be moved to the police clinic where they bathed, were fed, and allowed latrine privileges. Then, back in bed, wearing hospital robes, they gladly gave their statements.
Every once in awhile, one of the cops would walk into another room, giving Rebecca and Amy a glimpse of another patient in another bed, her head turned away from them, her naked arms by her side under the single white sheet which covered her.
What they couldn’t see, of course, was how the lower half of her face was sealed with bandage, or the way the hospital restraints kept her wrists and ankles locked wide under the sheet.
Rebecca asked when they could leave. The blond cop, who seemed to be the boss, said, “When we’re done.”

bdsm comics by Steve
She was about to jerk up when Seth knocked her out with a sharp hit from the butt of the gun. She dropped back down heavily, her mouth filled with cock and cum.
Sam smiled as both he and Seth started to “pet” her shapely, nearly naked body. “Fuck this,” Seth breathed. “Fuck this….”
“Soon enough,” Sam assured him.
Then Sean said. “I think I see somebody…!”
“What?” Seth asked. “Who?”
“A redhead…,” Sean reported. “Redhead…killer body. White lace minidress. White heels. Over there…you see her?

Reform school by Steve

bdsm comics by Steve
Mason pulled Karen down into a kneeling position and lowered her onto his thick member. It still hurt but this was better than the electrodes. Karen jerked as Mason snapped heavy clothes pins onto her erect nipples. His well-lubed cock parted her ass cheeks as she sank down around it. She whimpered as he spread her sphincter yet again.
“Bounce on it bitch! C’mon, be a good girl.” Karen was too exhausted to comply right away and Mason was too impatient to wait for his little bitch to figure it out. Pulling out, Mason pushed her face first onto the floor. “When an order is given, you don’t hesitate. You still need some incentive. Maybe this spiked vibrator will teach you to work a little faster, cunt!”
bdsm comics by Steve
Suddenly Mason ripped the clothespins off her nipples. Karen gasped in pain as the blood flowed back into them. “Up on the chair slave. I’m going to relax while you fuck me.” Once again Karen was forced back onto Mason’s prick. He showed Karen the spiked horror just before he shoved it roughly inside her exposed twat. “GGGUUUUMMMMMPHHH!!” Karen screamed into the gag as the tiny spikes bit into the walls of her pussy. “Now bounce on my cock bitch!” She did not hesitate this time. Karen slammed her ass up and down along the length of Mason’s cock. “Good little bitch, here’s your reward.” With a flick of the switch, the vibrator thrummed to life inside Karen’s brutalized cunt. “Keep fucking me little one, and I’ll let you cum.” Karen grunted as her cllt was shoved against the vibrator with each downward thrust….

Reform school by Steve

bdsm comics by Steve
“Now let’s try this again,” Mason said to the beautiful girl who knelt before him. “What do you want to do cunt?” Karen knew what was expected, “to please my Master any way I can.” Mason merely pointed to his crotch. With tears flowing from her eyes, she leaned in and took his prick into her mouth. She could taste her own shit and pussy juice but she did not stop. She began to swirl her tongue around the huge cock as Mason skull-fucked her. Behind her Karen heard a door open…
bdsm comics by Steve
Hanging with her legs spread Karen barely remained conscious. She had to push down with her legs to be able to breath. Mason held two thick electrodes up in front of Karen’s face. “Guess where these are going dear-heart. Maybe next time I tell you to suck a dick, you’ll think twice before saying you refuse.” Mason pressed the first thick electrode against Karen’s spread ass. Then, finding the hole, he slowly pushed it in. Karen twisted and fought as 10 inches of cold metal was forced inside. “Don’t worry my queen,” Mason sneered,
“I have one for your cunt as well.” The thick electrodes hurt badly enough as it was, but when Mason twisted the dial, Karen came live. “MMMMMPHHHHGGGGGAAAAAA!” she screamed as the current surged into her engorged cunt and asshole. She jerked and thrashed as every muscle spasmed. “Easy does it bitch!” He laughed, “feel like a good fuck now?” Karen, with tears streaming, nodded her head.

I’m not a whore by Steve

bdsm comics by Steve
“Get over that good Scottish pine, you big slut! You’ve shown your body to men before and you loved doing it, I can see that: you’re wet! I’m gonna put the riding crop down onto those fine buttocks to teach ye a lesson on manners and humility!” “No, please! I’m not a whore! My Daddy was very strict. I’ve only had one boyfriend!”
bdsm comics by Steve
“NOOOOOOOOOOM! Please, I haven’t done anything! Why are you doing this to me?”
“Haven’t done anything? You’re English, and you haven’t done anything to the Scots?”
“Aye, it’s very hot if i hold the candle down near your posh English bottom!” “You look lovely, Margaret. There is real suffering in your face! I shall always remember you as you are now!“