Suck the slut’s nipples for me by Badia

Hair torment

They joked and masturbated as she jogged by, but after a time it wasn’t enough for them. They wanted to fuck her.

One evening they grabbed her and bundled her into a van. They took her to an abandoned farmhouse where they stripped her naked and put her on an ass penetrator.

“Does it hurt?”
“What’s your name?”
No reply.
Ted picked up a pair of pincers. He pinched her nipples with it. Ahmed put a torque on her hair and twisted it…

“Why do you show your tits and your cunt when you go jogging?”
“I don’t!”
“You’re a liar and a slut!”

They all grunted and groaned and hit the high notes together by Badia

Hair torment

So they joined the Hair Club. They looked through the catalogue and rented some gear too: ropes, weights and electrical equipment. They used it all. Susan stood behind him with a riding crop and he held his cock and the controls.

“Move, bitch!” he shouted. “Shake those tits around!”
The girl tried, but it was difficult. Susan pulled her arm back and caught the girl a stinging blow across the back…

The girl arched her back and pulled her breasts up. It was painful because of the weights on them. The breasts moved around a little, but William was disappointed. He liked a big bounce followed by a slow settling back into place. He wanted her to bounce like the girl cyclists with low-cut tops who wobble when they go over bumps in the road.

Susan shouted to him:
“The bitch ain’t moving them tits at all! You gotta do something about that!”

William nodded and selected the switch connected to the girl’s nipples…

That was better!
“Give me the crop,” he said. “I wanna mark those tits!” She handed it to him and he stood to one side…

He tied her up by the hair and flogged her tits while she masturbated and they were both very happy together by Badia

Hair torment

Jack had a short fuse. Almost anything threw him into a rage. One day a Mexican woman contacted him on the web site. She wanted to be tied up by a man while a woman watched, she said. No women had replied to her ad so Jack posted the details again and got a reply from a blonde with big breasts who said she just wanted to watch and masturbate.

He tied the Mexican woman up, sat her on a wooden stake and pierced her clitoris with a pointed stick.

The woman screamed. The blonde stood to one side and fondled her own breasts and played with her own cunt lips.

It could all have gone well, but there was a problem: Jack was crazy, a case for the funny farm.

He stood in front of the Mexican and began masturbating. He turned to the blonde and said:
“I wanna shoot some spunk over this bitch’s udders!”
“D’you need a hand?” the blonde asked.
“Sure! Help yourself!”

She’s gonna lick you and make you cum till you can’t cum anymore by Badia

Hair torment

The organizers of “Threes” set up clubs for different interest groups. One of these was called the Hair Club. They also offered their premises online for hire by anyone who wanted somewhere to go for a fuck, and if the customer had no partner, they provided one or two at a price.

Dan Jenkins, a local insurance salesman, was a good customer. He always dressed up in shiny boots for his sessions. He liked to keep a friend of his, a large-breasted blonde, suspended from a hook on the wall while he fucked another woman. He was surprised and pleased when he saw the woman the club had provided for him. It was his boss’s wife!

“The way I see it, bitch, your husband owes me a pay hike or two! Until I get it, I’m taking it in fucks! Understand?”
The wife tried to nod, but it was impossible.

“You look good like that, bitch! With your hair up, I mean! Women should look a man in the eye when they get fucked! A lot of them don’t do that! Especially when they ride a man they look to one side! That’s wrong, bitch!”

Suzy was a sex trainer by Badia

Hair torment

The sessions began with a flogging session. The stinging riding crop came down again and again on the girl’s body, especially on her breasts but also on the soft skin at the top of her thighs, on the outside of her sex lips and on the tip of her clitoris and its hood.

“You’re fuckmeat, bitch! You’re a slut! You’ve got an open cunt and anus, OK? You do whatever the clients want, got that? If they say, get your tongue into my asshole and clean it for me, you do it, right? If they piss into your mouth or cunt, that’s OK, right? If they say piss into my mouth, you piss, right?”

Suzy was a lesbian and she sometimes made her point by pissing into the girl’s mouth or onto her open sex lips.

“I like the job,” she said to customers. “I fuck and I get fucked as much as I like!”

After three sessions, Suzy took the girl’s dildo out, removed her gag and sat on her face.
“Lick me! Make me cum! If I cum, you’re ready to meet the first customer!”
She was always randy and she always came.

It was time for this girl to meet her first customer. He had been in the next room waiting and listening and he came in with his zipper down and his cock out.