He and his somewhat demented assistant had spent a leisurely week “obtaining” helpless yet beautiful models by De Haro, Sten


“You see young lady,” he said calmly to bound woman, “this is supposed to be a very special photo-shoot, all based on some polls from my viewers members. The poll for this set of photos asked the question … how many piercings are perfect for the female body? “

Her face twisted in fear as Forny continued, “The answer was 37. Gregory you may begin.”

The woman’s lake-blue eyes went wide with terror as Gregory quickly unpacked his comprehensive set of piercing needles, clamps, and devices – a host of rings, studs, dangles and more.

Forny began taking his pictures, and her muffled screams began with the first set of piercings Gregory completed: a set of heavy black rings through each nipple. They continued through the vertical barbell pierced through her clit, the ring in each nostril, the various rings and studs pierced though her delicate labia, and then grew hoarse and rasping when Gregory finished his work with the 5 piercings through the puckered rim of her anus.