I’m gonna give you the best tit flogging you ever had by Badia

Anal pics

He brought the flogger down on her breasts until they were red and marked. Then he turned to Julie.
“Leave her now. Go press your tits against the wall till your nipples hurt!”

Julie obeyed, taking her breasts in both hands. She moved her chest from side to side, pushing her breasts against the rough bricks, rolling them around, turning them red. Bill liked punishing her tits. In winter he made her go outside naked and rub them with snow and ice.

“Turn round!” Bill shouted. “Put your hands behind your head! Stick your tits out for punishment!”
She arched her back and lifted her tits for him…

He made her tits even redder and then he fucked the other girl in the ass. He wanted something to look at as he fucked, so he told Julie to get the girl’s tongue inside her cunt lips.
“Put your hands behind your back and let her lick you!”
Julie obeyed. He was the Master.

As he fucked he used his flogger on Julie’s tits again, forehand and backhand…

This is life for me, he thought. He soon went into hyper-jerks and finally gave a big grunt and shot his spunk deep into the girl’s ass.

They all grunted and groaned and hit the high notes together by Badia

Hair torment

So they joined the Hair Club. They looked through the catalogue and rented some gear too: ropes, weights and electrical equipment. They used it all. Susan stood behind him with a riding crop and he held his cock and the controls.

“Move, bitch!” he shouted. “Shake those tits around!”
The girl tried, but it was difficult. Susan pulled her arm back and caught the girl a stinging blow across the back…

The girl arched her back and pulled her breasts up. It was painful because of the weights on them. The breasts moved around a little, but William was disappointed. He liked a big bounce followed by a slow settling back into place. He wanted her to bounce like the girl cyclists with low-cut tops who wobble when they go over bumps in the road.

Susan shouted to him:
“The bitch ain’t moving them tits at all! You gotta do something about that!”

William nodded and selected the switch connected to the girl’s nipples…

That was better!
“Give me the crop,” he said. “I wanna mark those tits!” She handed it to him and he stood to one side…

The one who makes her cum skips a tit-flogging session by De Haro

Lennox house

The guard sat on the bed. It was the first part of the obedience test. “The Major will be here soon,” she said. “While you’re waiting you can finger yourself. Put your hand in your pants and play with your clitoris.”

The guard watched as Ángela slid her hand into her panties and used the hard ball of her hand, just below the thumb, to move her cunt lips around and press on her clitoris.

The Major came in and watched. She sent the guard away and lowered her zipper.
“Put your fingers in my cunt!”
Ángela obeyed.
“Tell me you like women!”
“No! I’m not a lesbian!”

The Major smiled and let Ángela masturbate her to a soft, slow orgasm…
“GASP! OOOOOOH! Drink my cunt juice!” she ordered. A look of disgust came over Ángela’s face, but she pulled down the Major’s pants and licked her.

The Major picked up a bamboo cane.
“Turn round, bitch! Uncover your buttocks! Put your hands behind your back!”
“NOOOOO!!! Don’t cane me, please! I did what you said!”
“Next time I ask you if you like women, you say YES!”