Brittney was quite the compliant cunt cutie after that by Badia

Breast suffering

Brittney thought she was in for the vacation of a lifetime when a new travel agent “advised” that she take this great deal for a South American adventure! A pampered princess who was a cheap penny pincher, the price was just too good for Brittney to pass up. Little did she know she’d be subsidizing the trip with her tight, virgin holes!

Brittney was quickly snatched up by the taxi driver and brought screaming and sobbing to her new home: the prison complex!

Brittney screamed blue and bloody murder when she was tied down and her tits were clamped to the floor with the cruelest clamps the prison had to offer! By the time the Bitch Breaker squad arrived, poor Brittney was blubbering like a baby. “Aww, do those things hurt?” the duo asked. Brittney frantically nodded her head, eager to get the clamps off her nips. It hurt so much, every twitch she made felt like the clamps were about to tear off her tits! “We’ll take them off if you do us a little favor… suck my cock while my friend pounds away at your ass! If you’re a good fuck, we’ll release your nips. If not… we’ll tighten the strings just a little bit more!”

The wife flogged the woman on her stomach and then moved on to her huge breasts by Badia

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She picked up a bamboo cane and caned her breasts, marking them with deep red and purple welts…
“Take that, bitch! And that! And that!”

“We’ll soon cool you down, bitch!” the wife said and pumped ice cold water into her anus.

Then she stood astride the woman’s head and flogged her on the open cunt lips again and again….


Finally she pissed onto the woman’s cunt and said:
“That’s enough for one day, whore! If you fuck my husband again you’ll get another session. I’ve got a nice thick bullwhip that’ll tear your tits to shreds!”

“Please, let me go!” the woman begged. “I won’t see your husband again. I swear!”

Maria had been a naughty anal slave by Badia

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After getting her holes lubed up with spit, piss, and cum, she was reamed over and over again while she screamed and howled obscenities behind her massive cock gag. But that wasn’t enough. She’d been forced to lick ass and suck cock through a ring gag after getting whipped and caned, but that still wasn’t enough to break her. Finally fed up with her defiance, the captain of the guards ordered Maria strung up and spread until her tight, anal sphincter was wide open and helpless for what was about to come next.

“Let me introduce you to… THE DESTROYER!” the captain said, brandishing the spiked ass reamer straight in front of Maria’s horrified eyes. “This is going to go straight into that ass of yours! After I’m done fucking open that back door of yours, you’ll be able to take in the biggest donkey dick that exists! You’ll never be able to hold in your shit again! Say goodbye to your ass, slut, because I’m going to destroy it now!”

I’m gonna give you the best tit flogging you ever had by Badia

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He brought the flogger down on her breasts until they were red and marked. Then he turned to Julie.
“Leave her now. Go press your tits against the wall till your nipples hurt!”

Julie obeyed, taking her breasts in both hands. She moved her chest from side to side, pushing her breasts against the rough bricks, rolling them around, turning them red. Bill liked punishing her tits. In winter he made her go outside naked and rub them with snow and ice.

“Turn round!” Bill shouted. “Put your hands behind your head! Stick your tits out for punishment!”
She arched her back and lifted her tits for him…

He made her tits even redder and then he fucked the other girl in the ass. He wanted something to look at as he fucked, so he told Julie to get the girl’s tongue inside her cunt lips.
“Put your hands behind your back and let her lick you!”
Julie obeyed. He was the Master.

As he fucked he used his flogger on Julie’s tits again, forehand and backhand…

This is life for me, he thought. He soon went into hyper-jerks and finally gave a big grunt and shot his spunk deep into the girl’s ass.

Then he took out the girl’s ass plug and sank his cock deep inside her anus by Badia

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The girl lifted her head and rubbed it over the girl’s sex lips. The girl gasped and a minute or two later she began to sway from side to side, as much as the rope on her hair would let her.

Jenny stood behind her with a short rawhide whip and brought it down hard onto her buttocks…

Jenny stepped round to the front and ran her fingers over the girl’s nipples until they became wrinkled, erect and tubular.

“An erect nipple makes a better target for the whip!” Jenny said.
“Give her six on each tit!” Ronny said.

The whip bit deep into the girl’s breasts, criss-crossing them with red and purple welts.

Then Ronny spoke to his girl…
“Lift your face now and lick her cunt! Make it wet and noisy! I wanna hear you sucking on her!”

The girl obeyed, noisily. The standing girl gasped and began making her sex noises. The tongue on her clitoris got through to her and she pressed herself onto it.

Jenny smiled at Ronny.
“I wanna hold your dick,” Jenny said.
“I wanna wet my fingers in you,” Ronny said.

Say goodbye to your tight, virgin holes by Badia

Caged women

Now precious Pauline was being jammed into the pork pen, barely large enough to support her ample frame. “Don’t you worry, my dear. We’ll make sure you sweat off those extra pounds with plenty of pounding and porking! By the time the guards are done with you, you’ll be thin as a supermodel and as cumsoaked as a whore! Now get in the cage!”

Precious Pauline wailed and sobbed as she was rudely escorted to her new life at the end of a high-heeled toe shoved up her tight, twitching sphincter! “Please… there has to be some mistake! Please just let me go!”

The mistresses merely laughed at poor Pauline’s confusion and despair. “Oh there’s no mistake… we love breaking uppity, stupid cunts like you! Now if you don’t start behaving, we’re going to have to ship you out to the slaughterhouse! Our rich CEOs and Senators are always hungry for fresh ‘veal’ like you!” the cunt crackers cackled madly. “Mmmm… maybe I’ll face fuck you tonight and make you eat me out. It’s always good to have a fresh, straight bitch like you before the bitch breakers get to you! Say goodbye to your tight, virgin holes. You’re just caged fuckmeat now!”

Her cruelty and wickedness were legendary by Badia

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It was the latter she enjoyed more. Punishment was fun, but it didn’t excite her too much. There was no goal. With training a girl, breaking her in, there was a challenge. The more difficult the girl, the greater the task for Sadie. And she loved to be challenged, to see a defiant and strong woman slowly crumble into a willing and obedient fucktoy.

Being sent a woman for training was not unusual. It happened most months. Being sent a pair wasa real treat. Apparently the two were Americans who had been taken from an ill-advised Vacation in Libya.
Rosie and Ann-Marie were full figured, large breasted and the children of very wealthy people. Their owner had grown tired of them moaning about “their rights” and tired of them, sent them to Sadie for education. The owner requested that they be trained for “pony duty” and “with a specialism in Anal”.
Not wanting to waste time, Sadie devised a cunning plan. The girls were stripped, their hands, feet and neck bound with leather cuffs and placed on all fours. They were distracted by Egor, Sadie’s assistant and the man charged with whipping the girls. He was masturbating himself to orgasm just from the sight of these two pretty Americans on all fours. They were disgusted by the sheer sight of that, but had no idea what was about to happen to them.

Her husband might buy her back to be his newest anal slut and toilet slave by Badia

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Christine screamed when the snatch squad grabbed her in broad daylight off the street. Her husband cried crocodile tears when his wife’s “body” turned up dead, and nobody questioned poor, proud Christine’s sudden disappearance.

Now Christine was about to spend the rest of her time as an anal slave in the Butt Dickers and Ass Lickers wing of the prison! This frigid housewife hadn’t opened her legs for even her own husband, and now she was about to be the most obedient shit and slit licker in the prison. A session with the Ass Blaster in Christine’s tight, virgin anus was enough to turn the howling, entitled pig into the most obedient, little, pussy sucking lamb around! Soon she’d sweat off those pounds running rounds in the “stockyard” for the prison guards and mistresses.

Emilia was a naughty little snitch by Badia

Various devices

But enchanting Emilia needed to be cleaned out first… so they fitted her to the Slut Pump! Stretched and spread and exposed so helplessly, and her tits and nips bound painfully tight, Emilia’s mouth was fitted with a cock shaped tube that went all the way down to the back of her throat! But the prison guards weren’t done with her yet… they fitted her tight little ass with the same! Slowly, painfully, and sadistically, the guards pumped poor, enchanting Emilia with liter after liter of water. Emilia groaned and tried to beg and writhe as prettily as she could, hoping for mercy, but all she did was make the guards’ cocks rock hard! Soon her belly began to swell, her guts filling to bursting with water! “PLLLEAFFF!!! PLLEAFFF NNHHH MMMUHHH!!! YHHHLL KKKHHLLL MMMUUHHH!!!!” she begged, her belly rumbling in desperation!

“Crank those chains tighter! Spread this little slut out so we can really see her slit!” the guards roared, laughing at Emilia’s misery. “This is what happens to nasty little tattle tales! You should’ve kept your slut mouth shut!” The guards sniggered as one of them brought out a big billy club. “You see this? We’re gonna use it on your water balloon of a tummy, and you know what’ll happen? You’ll pop, and your guts will spill all over the floor! It’ll be like a meat piñata!”

Emilia’s eyes went wide, and she frantically shook her head, coughing up water and tears. “NNHHH!!!! NHHH NHHH NHHH PLLLFFF NHHH!!!” she begged them desperately. The guard laid the truncheon across her tummy. “One hard swing, and you’ll explode! That’s all it’ll take!”