The girl screamed through her gag by Badia

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As the Major flogged Sra Látigo spoke to the girl…
“Rule Number One is, you obey all orders! Is that clear?”
“So what do you do if your Master says lick my asshole?”
“That’s right. You lick it, slave!”
“And if he says drink my piss?”
That’s right. You drink it.”
“And who does your cunt belong to?”
“Your Master, that’s right. Or your Mistress of course!”
“And if your Master brings a dozen friends to fuck you, what do you do?”
“Yes, you go down on all fours, you open your mouth and you lift your butt, bitch!”
“And if they want to whip your tits like this?” she asked, curling her whip around the girl’s body and catching her on her large breasts.

She stood there flogging for a few minutes, taking it in turns with the Major to flog the girl’s large breasts.

The Major enjoyed it and he enjoyed it even more when he was invited to fuck the girl afterwards. He fucked her in the cunt from behind and went home a happy man.

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Hanging women

Margarita was from the same village. She was a big strong mulata. In the village they said her great grandfather was a Scotsman who built the railway and went back to Scotland when the job finished.

Her breasts were big and firm and all the boys in the village wanted to get their hands on them. A lot of them succeeded, but not Juan. She never let him. She teased him, pulling up her top to give him a flash of underboob and smiling at him in a way that made him feel stupid and inferior.

So when he was sent into the jungle Juan made a list of all the women he wanted to see naked and Margarita was top of the list.

He gave her the full treatment, with electrodes connected to both nipples, several more on her cunt lips and one on her clitoris.

“We’ve been following your cell phone, Margarita,” García said. “You’ve been in touch with a lot of men from the village. We know the guerrillas come here for supplies. Who are they? Give us names!”
“I don’t know any guerrillas. I only know people in the village!”
“All men!”
“That’s not a crime! I don’t fuck women!”

She was almost cumming without him masturbating her by Badia

Hanging women

When his wife died he realized he wasn’t getting any younger and he realized that he hadn’t fucked as many women as he would have liked. He decided to retire and make up for lost time. He couldn’t see much hope of action in his small suburban town, so he moved to the Caribbean, where he established a relationship with a local woman. He liked the color of her skin and he liked the way she shouted when he fucked her.

Time passed and they developed a common interest in bondage and acts of domination and submission. Doctor Ridley wanted to try a trio too.

“I don’t want prostitutes,” he explained, “but if you can bring me women, your friends maybe, I’ll pay them.”

Times were hard on the island and it wasn’t difficult for the woman to persuade her friends to participate. This was his first time with one of them.

Ridley was very happy with her. He put a plastic dildo in her ass and another one in her cunt. She had good buttocks for flogging. They were firm and noisy when you slapped them…

Suddenly he let go of his cock and grabbed a handful of her cunt lips. Her face screwed up as he pressed her lips between his thumb and his fingers, rolling them around, trapping her clitoris and masturbating her through her own lips…