She remembered the panties in Ms. Kim’s mouth by De Haro, Sten

The avenger

Dark gray concrete walls adorned with brushed nickel lighting topped with amber yellow lights every 8 feet or so. The combination managed to give the long hall a look of both somber darkness and warmth from the fire-like glow.

“I see you have taken a more subdued approach to the decor,” he said. “Much more subdued than your predecessor, Miss Kim. Although your predecessor’s taste in decor was exceptional.”

The Avenger laughed quietly, “Yes, well, may aim is to keep the ambiance outside the individual rooms ‘subdued’ as you said, and much more amplified inside the rooms. And I think that adjustment in style will also be evident in your choice of entertainment.”

The Prince laughed, “I do appreciate your confidence. Is it justified?”

The Avenger nodded, “I will let you decide that for yourself, but The Committee tended to over-invest in their own lavish aims and to cater to their own selfish whims … that tendency also extended to the women they provided as entertainment.” I have a slightly different source.”

“I see,” said the Prince, “and what source have you relied upon? What is your new source of entertainment, may I ask.”

The Avenger stopped and stared into the Prince’s eyes. His security detail seemed almost as surprised as the Prince himself. “My source? My source is The Committee.”

The Prince stood quietly for a moment before turning down the hall again, “And my delicacy for tonight, is she selected to my preferences?