Reform school by Steve

bdsm comics by Steve
“Now let’s try this again,” Mason said to the beautiful girl who knelt before him. “What do you want to do cunt?” Karen knew what was expected, “to please my Master any way I can.” Mason merely pointed to his crotch. With tears flowing from her eyes, she leaned in and took his prick into her mouth. She could taste her own shit and pussy juice but she did not stop. She began to swirl her tongue around the huge cock as Mason skull-fucked her. Behind her Karen heard a door open…
bdsm comics by Steve
Hanging with her legs spread Karen barely remained conscious. She had to push down with her legs to be able to breath. Mason held two thick electrodes up in front of Karen’s face. “Guess where these are going dear-heart. Maybe next time I tell you to suck a dick, you’ll think twice before saying you refuse.” Mason pressed the first thick electrode against Karen’s spread ass. Then, finding the hole, he slowly pushed it in. Karen twisted and fought as 10 inches of cold metal was forced inside. “Don’t worry my queen,” Mason sneered,
“I have one for your cunt as well.” The thick electrodes hurt badly enough as it was, but when Mason twisted the dial, Karen came live. “MMMMMPHHHHGGGGGAAAAAA!” she screamed as the current surged into her engorged cunt and asshole. She jerked and thrashed as every muscle spasmed. “Easy does it bitch!” He laughed, “feel like a good fuck now?” Karen, with tears streaming, nodded her head.

Kisses of surrender by Hines

bdsm art by Hines
Hement’s mouth and tongue mixed with Earnesta’s as he continued to mount her hard.
” Uhhhhh…You’re becoming more of my whore every time I fuck you! And you know that my men are going execute your dear father there right after he watches me dump my cum in you this time. You’ll watch him die and then we’ll come back here and I’ll fuck you again and again. And you’ll have no one! You’ll be all alone! Except forme. It’ll be just me fucking you……Uhhhhhh…..! I’m getting ready to cum! Keep kissin’ me! I want your father see you kissing me when I fill you with my cum…………Ugggghhhhhhh……..!”
bdsm art by Hines
Justine had no self-worth left when the cartel – connected Ralanda Diaz officially claimed Justine as her own property. For a week she let the American girl alone, allowing her her to recover. But it was out of good intentions.
“You gonna work for me, American bitch. Gonna make me money inside here,” the dyke Diaz told Justine. “If you don’t, I’m gonna make you die really long and hard! Okay? Good, goooodd…give me your mouth, baby… show me how you gonna be my sweet Anglo girlfriend for the new twenty years…. Hmmm you’re as obedient as they told me you were… Just the right kind……..The kind I like…”

I’m tired of porking you by Ken

bdsm comics by Ken
Do you like your Master’s present slave? Oh I see… you are wondering what I’m talking about, aren’t you? You’ve got such a kind Master… you’ve had so many presents since I kidnapped you last night… That lovely head-harness with that huge ball to stretch your jaw and plug your big mouth… Or those coarse ropes that dig into your lovely skin… Or my big dick that’s porking you right now! Yes, I know you appreciate it just as you appreciate my teeth on your nips… But no, I’m not talking about any of these… I’m talking about that nice frame you are tied to. You won’t leave it alive… You heard right! I’ll keep you on it till you burst, which with luck won’t be for a year or two yet… Isn’t it a wonderful device? It keeps you nicely stretched and ready for everything… You can be fucked front and back, you can have your face shagged, you can piss and you can shit. And you can be feed too, so why should I take you out of it? Oh shit, I’m just gabbing on. I must concentrate on what we are doing… you are a great shag, that’s for sure!
bdsm comics by Ken
“Oh yeah… make me hard with those dainty little hands of yours, whore… do me a nice hand job and make me ready for your tiny shithole. I’m gonna impale you like you are, standing on your toes and cervix. Then I’ll leave you like this until tomorrow. I’m tired of porking you and I need some sleep…”
“Please no… don’t leave me like this… please….”
“What’s wrong with you, slut? Don’t you like being left alone with that nice dildo up your fuck-hole? You’re dripping like a pig whore already…”
“Oh no… please… it hurts… I’m hurting all over…!”
“Stop begging and concentrate on what you are doing, slut. If you fail to please me I’ll come back later. And it won’t be to unhook you. It’ll be to pierce those tits of yours! Gonna have you on your toes for the rest of your fucking life, which won’t be long. I’m gonna wedge your cunt into this and I’ll use your shit hole for my dick!”

Your cunt won’t be no exception by De Haro

bdsm comics by De Haro
These construction workers don’t have the luxury of fancy bondage equipment… they have to improvise. Mary didn’t truly appreciate the versatility of an ordinary tape measure until it had been used to crush her breasts into a beautiful shade of purple. Mary was begging to eat shit and suck cock after that, anything to free herself from the horrible device…
“You sure gotta a pair of beauties, whore…. Gonna ahve a lot of fun with ’em!”
bdsm comics by De Haro
“Jeez girl, you’re shallow!” Larry said, wincing in pain as his cock slammed into her cervix. He hadn’t even gotten halfway in!
“UURRRGGHHH!” Trisha screamed behind the gag. For her it felt as if a huge iron pillar had just slammed into her cunt, sending nauseating pain radiating through her entire body.
“Well girl, I ain’t never met a wall I couldn’t break down. Your cunt won’t be no exception!” Larry laughed as he began brutally fucking his way deeper into her cunt…

You gonna stay in shape uppity white bitch by Roscoe

bdsm comics by Roscoe
“You gonna stay in shape uppity white bitch, you gotta look good for when we start pimpin’ you out to the other gangs. We all jus’ love gettin’ you sweet high-society white bitches down here on our turf. Now let’s see how far we can get this wine bottle up that classy pink snatch of yours.”
bdsm comics by Roscoe
Hans had just received the latest shipment of toys from his manufacturers in West Berlin and, as usual, hewould test them for effectiveness on his Russian slavegirl. He invited the usual buyers who would stock these items in their stores and they all showed up promptly at 8:00 p.m. Natasha begged but Hans only smiled as he took her out from the cage and tied her arms behind her and to a rope in the ceiling… “You cost me ten thousand, slave… now it’s time to pay me back, every fucking cent…!”

I’m not a whore by Steve

bdsm comics by Steve
“Get over that good Scottish pine, you big slut! You’ve shown your body to men before and you loved doing it, I can see that: you’re wet! I’m gonna put the riding crop down onto those fine buttocks to teach ye a lesson on manners and humility!” “No, please! I’m not a whore! My Daddy was very strict. I’ve only had one boyfriend!”
bdsm comics by Steve
“NOOOOOOOOOOM! Please, I haven’t done anything! Why are you doing this to me?”
“Haven’t done anything? You’re English, and you haven’t done anything to the Scots?”
“Aye, it’s very hot if i hold the candle down near your posh English bottom!” “You look lovely, Margaret. There is real suffering in your face! I shall always remember you as you are now!“

Swallow all the cum from your asshole by Rougin

bdsm comics by Rougin
“One last ride, sweetmeat” said the Colonel as he slammed into Patrice’s swollen ravaged cunt. Bouncing in the iron collar choked Patrice until she blacked out. But the Colonel didn’t mind. He was a patient man. He would wait until she regained consciousness before he fucked her again. “Wakey, wakey, slut. You don’t want to miss one second of my cock buried to the hilt in your greasy sloppy cunt!”
bdsm comics by Rougin
General Dimitri liked to parade his victims through town so the survivors could see the innocent youthful women naked and abused. Vanessa had screamed when the grenades had been shoved up her cunt and ass but now she moaned with shame as the village people were forced to line the street and watch.
“Don’t worry you stupid cunt, I won’t kill you until all the men in your town have had a chance to fuck your slut’s body. Then I’ll make the bitch of your mother suck and swallow all the cum from your asshole.”

The house – Shyla was hard to resist by De Haro

bdsm comics by De Haro
Because of her perfect body, Alexis had been chosen to be a piece of living art. She was the Brothel owner’s favorite and newest acquisition. She wouldn’t be fucked until much later in the party…
“Are you comfortable my little slut? Your owner is here to check you out… Gonna rise a little bit those ankles and that little head of yours for you… Oh yes… you bend beautifully! Now gonna pinch and squeeze those hot nips of yours for a while. I feel like you’re getting bored all alone here. Master’s going to entertain you a little bit…”
bdsm comics by De Haro
A study in accessibility, Shyla could move hardly at all. Her ass was positioned perfectly for anyone to swat, whip or fuck. Both her rear fuck-holes had been taken many times tonight. Cum rolled lazily down her inner thighs and puddled on the floor around her feet.
These people really know how to throw a party,” remarked one man to another as they passed Shyla in the hallway. “I think I’ll bounce this little bitch one more time on my way to the next attraction.”
Shyla couldn’t hear or see because of the mask she wore. All she could do was wait for the occassional cock that would burrow it’s way painfully into her body. With a stellar body like hers, she never had to wait very long. Shyla was hard to resist…