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Hanging women

When his wife died he realized he wasn’t getting any younger and he realized that he hadn’t fucked as many women as he would have liked. He decided to retire and make up for lost time. He couldn’t see much hope of action in his small suburban town, so he moved to the Caribbean, where he established a relationship with a local woman. He liked the color of her skin and he liked the way she shouted when he fucked her.

Time passed and they developed a common interest in bondage and acts of domination and submission. Doctor Ridley wanted to try a trio too.

“I don’t want prostitutes,” he explained, “but if you can bring me women, your friends maybe, I’ll pay them.”

Times were hard on the island and it wasn’t difficult for the woman to persuade her friends to participate. This was his first time with one of them.

Ridley was very happy with her. He put a plastic dildo in her ass and another one in her cunt. She had good buttocks for flogging. They were firm and noisy when you slapped them…

Suddenly he let go of his cock and grabbed a handful of her cunt lips. Her face screwed up as he pressed her lips between his thumb and his fingers, rolling them around, trapping her clitoris and masturbating her through her own lips…

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Slave of war

Instead, they commenced the less rigorous activities of being away from the fight- drinking, gambling and abusing their attractive warslave. The captive scientist had spent segments of several hours each day in a different hut, servicing cock after cock either with her mouth, her pussy or her ass … sometimes with all three. And after each session she was paraded, dripping with cum, to the middle of the camp and forced to bath in a trough of hot soapy in plain view of any of the soldiers who wanted additional entertainment with their booze or meal.

Afterwards, she would be dragged back to the billet area and taken to the next hut for more fucking and forced pleasure. Late in the evening she would be bathed again, locked in a pen and allowed a few hours sleep before her sexual service would start all over again.

After several long, agonizing days of this treatment, she was bathed and moved the center of the camp. The unit commander was already announcing her as the centerpiece of a unit-building exercise where all the men – 33 in all – would participate.

She was bound tightly and strapped to a cloth-covered wooden table, laying on her back, with her long legs spread wide. The unit medic stepped between her legs and used a needle to pierce her clit with a thin metal ring. The warslave screeched in pain as the needle burrowed into and through her sensitive nub. Wires were then attached to each end of the needle while wired clamps were attached to her succulent nipples. She yelped as electric current began to flow flow into her sex.

“Gentlemen!” the commander shouted. “Pick your raffle numbers now … whoever predicts how many times this bitch cums, receives a 2-day pass to fuck her anyway, anyhow you want!! 20 minutes of shocking sexy electricity, starting now!!”

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Caged women

Now precious Pauline was being jammed into the pork pen, barely large enough to support her ample frame. “Don’t you worry, my dear. We’ll make sure you sweat off those extra pounds with plenty of pounding and porking! By the time the guards are done with you, you’ll be thin as a supermodel and as cumsoaked as a whore! Now get in the cage!”

Precious Pauline wailed and sobbed as she was rudely escorted to her new life at the end of a high-heeled toe shoved up her tight, twitching sphincter! “Please… there has to be some mistake! Please just let me go!”

The mistresses merely laughed at poor Pauline’s confusion and despair. “Oh there’s no mistake… we love breaking uppity, stupid cunts like you! Now if you don’t start behaving, we’re going to have to ship you out to the slaughterhouse! Our rich CEOs and Senators are always hungry for fresh ‘veal’ like you!” the cunt crackers cackled madly. “Mmmm… maybe I’ll face fuck you tonight and make you eat me out. It’s always good to have a fresh, straight bitch like you before the bitch breakers get to you! Say goodbye to your tight, virgin holes. You’re just caged fuckmeat now!”

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The avenger

The Stationary Bike was just as wicked as the other machines and as Mr. Adams pedaled faster and faster, leather strops fitted perfectly for Amanda’s body began to spin. Each full pedal brought a strop slapping against her pussy, her tits or one of her ass cheeks.

Mr. Adams pedaled furiously and the strops began to sound like a machine gun – whap!whap!whap!whap!whap!whap!whap!whap! – each blow to a different random sensitive part … tits, pussy, ass, pussy, ass,tits, tits, pussy, tits, ass, pussy, tits … the blows slapping against Amanda’s ever-reddening flesh. Finally, Mr. Adams tired and Hugo began to remove Amanda from the bike frame and moved her to a different device.

“This is called the Cardio-Box, Mr. Adams … usually a good way to end a challenging work-out.” The Avenger smiled as Hugo bent Amanda at the waist and forced her into the chamber of the box – a chamber that had been specially designed just for Amanda. Her arms were bound at her side and her head stuck out the front of the box as did the rest of her body, from the waist down.

Amanda’s ankles were bound and then lid was closed and locked. She was now bent at the waist, and trapped in the box with her ass and pussy fully exposed. She could feel two knobs just in front of each hip bone as well as something cool and almost sticky touching each nipple.

Mr. Addams stepped up to box and instinctively pulled out his cock. He laughed wickedly, and stepped closer to Amanda’s exposed ass. “Ha ha, well I certainly see the point of this exercise, but why is it called the Cardio-Box?”

His comment drew an evil chuckled from The Avenger. “Carefully pick a moist hole, Mr. Adams, and I will explain. Fuck her slowly, please.”

Her cruelty and wickedness were legendary by Badia

Anal pics

It was the latter she enjoyed more. Punishment was fun, but it didn’t excite her too much. There was no goal. With training a girl, breaking her in, there was a challenge. The more difficult the girl, the greater the task for Sadie. And she loved to be challenged, to see a defiant and strong woman slowly crumble into a willing and obedient fucktoy.

Being sent a woman for training was not unusual. It happened most months. Being sent a pair wasa real treat. Apparently the two were Americans who had been taken from an ill-advised Vacation in Libya.
Rosie and Ann-Marie were full figured, large breasted and the children of very wealthy people. Their owner had grown tired of them moaning about “their rights” and tired of them, sent them to Sadie for education. The owner requested that they be trained for “pony duty” and “with a specialism in Anal”.
Not wanting to waste time, Sadie devised a cunning plan. The girls were stripped, their hands, feet and neck bound with leather cuffs and placed on all fours. They were distracted by Egor, Sadie’s assistant and the man charged with whipping the girls. He was masturbating himself to orgasm just from the sight of these two pretty Americans on all fours. They were disgusted by the sheer sight of that, but had no idea what was about to happen to them.