The sound of a flogger on tied delicate skin by De Haro, Sten

The photographer

Gregory bright the cat-o-nine tails down across her breasts and she howled in pain. After an initial pause for several photos capturing her ‘initial reactions’ Forny seemed ready for more.

“Very good, Gregory. Now stripe her tits as we discussed.”

Suddenly Gregory was whirling the cat in broad circular motion, and each motion ended with the harsh slap of thin leather straps on her helpless tits. She squealed in pain as the leather straps left thin red stripes across the delicate skin. Soon her beautiful petite breasts were patterned with stripes.

“Perfect Gregory, perfect!” Forny took a last few photos of her anguished tits and then switched to different camera.

“Alright Gregory, apply the quirt and we can wrap up and move on to our next model.” Forny positioned the camera and waited as his assistant positioned himself with the quirt – a short leather-clad reed, thin and wicked looking.

He took careful aim and brought down quickly on her left nipple. A razor thin but brutally visible red stripe appeared on her nipple running top to bottom, precisely across the tip. Forny’s camera captured it all and even took a longing look at her agonized reactions. And then the quirt bit vertically across her other nipple in a nearly perfect line, and again the camera captured it all.

I’ll leave the first deposit and the men can try for 200 loads by De Haro

Slave of war

The Bascha had found the warslaves of these squads mildly amusing. Using them as sexual toys or selling them as whores to the locals or even for target practice. The members of 3rd Squad had abandoned their encampment and fled to the west. Their helpless warslave was left tied and gagged in the center of their encampment – a faint attempt to slow the advance element of the Bascha. The scout elements rolled past her with little more than a lusty smile and she was dragged before the Baschan commander.

“Well, well, the commander laughed. “It appears the Guild has left us a gift. Although I have to admit, I had no idea a vessel for holding sperm would be so lovely! How much cum do you think you’ll hold, sperm-whore?”

The helpless captive squirmed in her bindings, muttering a muffled answer into her gag. The commander simply laughed. “Primary, how many men are assigned to our spearhead unit?”

The Primary stepped forward crisply, 225 men, Commander.”

“Very good,” the Commander nodded. “We are scheduled for 36 hours here to refit, that should give us time to see how much cum this bitch will hold. Station this cunt in the middle of the camp. Allow each of the 225 men 5 or 6 minutes to pump our new sperm receptacle full of their sperm … pussy, mouth, ass, whichever they prefer. I went her kept gagged and plugged – both holes, so we can keep her full.”

Her torment began immediately and a small celebration began in the center of the camp – an assembly line of humiliation. Each man in the unit stepped up to their new captive, yanked one of the plugs or the gag out, and quickly stuffed their cocks in. Her mouth, her pussy and her asshole received cock after cock and load after load of hot semen was pumped inside her body. For the next 32 hours no more than 8 or 10 minutes at a time passed without a cock pumping thick, slimy loads inside her.

She lay in the dirt, stripped naked and bound tightly by De Haro

Slave of war

But the BDSM went far beyond … the Multiplier deconstructed the very molecular building blocks of the universe and accelerated them beyond the speed of light. Streams of electrons, protons, quarks and other particles of the same molecules circled the giant 2-mile magnatronic tunnel which surrounded the facility in an endless circle. Soon the facility was researching more than these elementary particles, since at the speed of light these particles began to interact with time itself.

And on November 11, 2021, the 48 men and 26 women who staffed the B.D.S.M. facility had created racing quantum streams – ribbons of time! For weeks the facility logged and studied the phenomenon as each ribbon seemed to showcase a view into a different timeline – some the recent present and some far past, some unrecognizable as our own human history. They marveled at these fleeting windows into dimensional time and were befuddled as to why none of the streams showed the future?

The accident happened just a month and half later. On January 1, 2022, these carefully controlled ribbons of pure time crossed, violently intertwining. The resulting explosion charred 4 square miles of earth, vaporizing several hundred local citizens and leaving homes and businesses heaps of smoldering debris – outside the perimeter magnatronic track. But inside the track, where the facility had once stood, searchers and rescuers found only undisturbed forest and lush pastures. Birds and other wildlife roamed the space as if it been undisturbed by humans for 100 years. The facility had disappeared leaving no sign of the huge structure nor its inhabitants.

Tie her up any way you like, but her cunt must go on the metal bit by De Haro

Lennox house

The list was endless and Ángela had very little to tell him. Her partner was only her second partner. No, she had never had sex with women, not before coming to Lennox House. Did she like it? She looked nervously at Major Ramírez and said yes.

As he went through the questions the Officer increased the strength of the electric shocks on Ángela’s vulva. Towards the end he asked her if she had had sex with terrorist insurgents and she said no.

He asked the same question several times and increased the shocks each time.

Then he changed her position. He placed her on her back with her bottom on the round top of the device. She felt like an animal, like a crab. She knew that her vulva was high and defenseless.

The Officer unplugged the device and took the cable in both hands. He rubbed it backward and forward over her clitoris until the clitoris was wet and erect. Then he folded the cable so that it was double.

“Don’t close your legs, rebel bitch!” he ordered.

For a few blows Ángela obeyed and managed to keep her legs open, but then she closed them.

“I’m sorry,” Major Ramírez said. “She’s not fully trained yet.”
“I understand,” he said.
“Fuck her if you like!”
“Thanks, I was going to.”

The one who makes her cum skips a tit-flogging session by De Haro

Lennox house

The guard sat on the bed. It was the first part of the obedience test. “The Major will be here soon,” she said. “While you’re waiting you can finger yourself. Put your hand in your pants and play with your clitoris.”

The guard watched as Ángela slid her hand into her panties and used the hard ball of her hand, just below the thumb, to move her cunt lips around and press on her clitoris.

The Major came in and watched. She sent the guard away and lowered her zipper.
“Put your fingers in my cunt!”
Ángela obeyed.
“Tell me you like women!”
“No! I’m not a lesbian!”

The Major smiled and let Ángela masturbate her to a soft, slow orgasm…
“GASP! OOOOOOH! Drink my cunt juice!” she ordered. A look of disgust came over Ángela’s face, but she pulled down the Major’s pants and licked her.

The Major picked up a bamboo cane.
“Turn round, bitch! Uncover your buttocks! Put your hands behind your back!”
“NOOOOO!!! Don’t cane me, please! I did what you said!”
“Next time I ask you if you like women, you say YES!”

She slowly lifted her own skirt to reveal a soft smooth shaven pussy de Haro

The avenger

The Avenger then brandished a weapon and at the click of a button a four inch blade popped out. “Now Simone, you are going to eat my pussy, and do an even better job than your ‘former’ slave, or this stiletto and your nipples are going to become intimately acquainted.

“Hugo, bring her over here and see that her face finds my cunt!”

Hugo had Simone on her knees, face in The Avenger’s cunt in moments. And in moments The Avenger was seductively cooing through her first orgasm. “VERY lovely Simone … again!”

And again Simone devoured The Avengers pussy licking and sucking at the woman’s clit until a second, a third and even a fourth orgasm had completed. The Avenger sighed heavily and leaned back in her seat. “Enough fun for now, back to the business at hand.”

The Avenger shoved Simone aside and stood, handing the stiletto to Hugo. “To be a proper slave, Simone, you must have an owner. And so we will need to have an auction.”

She prowled about the room with a smile, “For sale, I offer this horny, big-titted bitch as personal sex-slave and fuck-toy!!” She then pointed at the naked executive standing as he was instructed, “What is your bid?”

The man seemed stunned and shook his head, “How … how much are you selling her for?”

The Avenger laughed, “How much is in your pants pocket?”

She didn’t want to cum for this sadistic bitch by De Haro

Lennox house

The Major put lube on a green dildo made of rubber. She stroked Ángela’s buttocks and then stroked her anus before pushing the dildo in…

Ángela twisted and turned and the Major smiled. Her eyes were fixed on Ángela’s breasts, which were swinging heavily from side to side.

She Major licked her lips and picked up her riding crop.
“You’ve made a lot of people horny with those nice tits of yours haven’t you? Men and women! The soldiers said you were on your bike when they arrested you. They said you had a low-cut top, no bra and they could see your tits! Is that true?”
Ángela nodded.
“That was naughty, wasn’t it? You’re going to be punished now, on the right place for it, your tits!”

The Major flogged her breasts until they were red and bruised. Then she pushed Ángela onto her side so that she flog her breasts and vulva at the same time. She did it in a slow, ritualistic way, enjoying the sound of her crop on soft female flesh…

After 10 minutes she was cumming uncontrollably by De Haro

Slave of war

Instead, they commenced the less rigorous activities of being away from the fight- drinking, gambling and abusing their attractive warslave. The captive scientist had spent segments of several hours each day in a different hut, servicing cock after cock either with her mouth, her pussy or her ass … sometimes with all three. And after each session she was paraded, dripping with cum, to the middle of the camp and forced to bath in a trough of hot soapy in plain view of any of the soldiers who wanted additional entertainment with their booze or meal.

Afterwards, she would be dragged back to the billet area and taken to the next hut for more fucking and forced pleasure. Late in the evening she would be bathed again, locked in a pen and allowed a few hours sleep before her sexual service would start all over again.

After several long, agonizing days of this treatment, she was bathed and moved the center of the camp. The unit commander was already announcing her as the centerpiece of a unit-building exercise where all the men – 33 in all – would participate.

She was bound tightly and strapped to a cloth-covered wooden table, laying on her back, with her long legs spread wide. The unit medic stepped between her legs and used a needle to pierce her clit with a thin metal ring. The warslave screeched in pain as the needle burrowed into and through her sensitive nub. Wires were then attached to each end of the needle while wired clamps were attached to her succulent nipples. She yelped as electric current began to flow flow into her sex.

“Gentlemen!” the commander shouted. “Pick your raffle numbers now … whoever predicts how many times this bitch cums, receives a 2-day pass to fuck her anyway, anyhow you want!! 20 minutes of shocking sexy electricity, starting now!!”

The harder you fuck her, the harsher the shock by De Haro

The avenger

The Stationary Bike was just as wicked as the other machines and as Mr. Adams pedaled faster and faster, leather strops fitted perfectly for Amanda’s body began to spin. Each full pedal brought a strop slapping against her pussy, her tits or one of her ass cheeks.

Mr. Adams pedaled furiously and the strops began to sound like a machine gun – whap!whap!whap!whap!whap!whap!whap!whap! – each blow to a different random sensitive part … tits, pussy, ass, pussy, ass,tits, tits, pussy, tits, ass, pussy, tits … the blows slapping against Amanda’s ever-reddening flesh. Finally, Mr. Adams tired and Hugo began to remove Amanda from the bike frame and moved her to a different device.

“This is called the Cardio-Box, Mr. Adams … usually a good way to end a challenging work-out.” The Avenger smiled as Hugo bent Amanda at the waist and forced her into the chamber of the box – a chamber that had been specially designed just for Amanda. Her arms were bound at her side and her head stuck out the front of the box as did the rest of her body, from the waist down.

Amanda’s ankles were bound and then lid was closed and locked. She was now bent at the waist, and trapped in the box with her ass and pussy fully exposed. She could feel two knobs just in front of each hip bone as well as something cool and almost sticky touching each nipple.

Mr. Addams stepped up to box and instinctively pulled out his cock. He laughed wickedly, and stepped closer to Amanda’s exposed ass. “Ha ha, well I certainly see the point of this exercise, but why is it called the Cardio-Box?”

His comment drew an evil chuckled from The Avenger. “Carefully pick a moist hole, Mr. Adams, and I will explain. Fuck her slowly, please.”

The only two female squad members had been stripped naked by De Haro

Slave of war

Three fingers were shoved into her dripping snatch, “She’s still sloppy from her last fuck!” The man slipped a fourth finger inside her as the woman moaned and squirmed to escape the attention. He shoved and twisted his hand and it soon was buried deep in her pussy. His fisting was hard and fast.

Another Baschan soldier, yanked a medallion off a scorched enemy jacket and opened the clasp to extend the needle-like pin which held it on. He took a firm grasp of her right nipple and roughly pierced the medal through the tender brown flesh. “There, now you’ve been awarded a medal for having a fist in your pussy in combat.”

The warslave was suddenly yanked to her feet and led across the camp center. The medal dangled and bounced from her pierced nipple and her gaping cunt dripped stale semen down her thighs. She was tossed into firing position and staked to the ground in the midst of a broken Vickers machine gun and several ammo boxes.

A soldier yelled from across the grounds, “Captain, we’ve loaded the truck and we’re ready.”