She didn’t want to cum for this sadistic bitch by De Haro

Lennox house

The Major put lube on a green dildo made of rubber. She stroked Ángela’s buttocks and then stroked her anus before pushing the dildo in…

Ángela twisted and turned and the Major smiled. Her eyes were fixed on Ángela’s breasts, which were swinging heavily from side to side.

She Major licked her lips and picked up her riding crop.
“You’ve made a lot of people horny with those nice tits of yours haven’t you? Men and women! The soldiers said you were on your bike when they arrested you. They said you had a low-cut top, no bra and they could see your tits! Is that true?”
Ángela nodded.
“That was naughty, wasn’t it? You’re going to be punished now, on the right place for it, your tits!”

The Major flogged her breasts until they were red and bruised. Then she pushed Ángela onto her side so that she flog her breasts and vulva at the same time. She did it in a slow, ritualistic way, enjoying the sound of her crop on soft female flesh…

Suck my clit, you fucking useless cunt by De Haro

Lennox house

She flogged them for a minute or two until they were red and bruised and covered in welts. Then she dragged Ángela by the ankles to the middle of the room.
“Push your butt up off the ground, bitch! Like a crab! And don’t let it touch the ground!”

Ángela obeyed. She was terrified. Her vulva was the highest part of her body now, she realized. It was exposed, open and defenseless…


The Major flogged Ángela’s cunt and got hornier and hornier as she flogged it. Then she lifted her own skirt and Ángela saw that she had no underwear on. The Major carried on flogging, but now she was masturbating as well.

Ángela quickly lost strength from the effort of keeping her buttocks off the ground and when there was a very painful whiplash on her open vulva she jerked and her bottom touched the ground.

The Major suddenly stopped.
“Lift your butt, you dumb bitch!” she shouted. Ángela pushed her bottom up again. This time the Major turned the whip round and hit her on the cunt with the handle…