The sound of a flogger on tied delicate skin by De Haro, Sten

The photographer

Gregory bright the cat-o-nine tails down across her breasts and she howled in pain. After an initial pause for several photos capturing her ‘initial reactions’ Forny seemed ready for more.

“Very good, Gregory. Now stripe her tits as we discussed.”

Suddenly Gregory was whirling the cat in broad circular motion, and each motion ended with the harsh slap of thin leather straps on her helpless tits. She squealed in pain as the leather straps left thin red stripes across the delicate skin. Soon her beautiful petite breasts were patterned with stripes.

“Perfect Gregory, perfect!” Forny took a last few photos of her anguished tits and then switched to different camera.

“Alright Gregory, apply the quirt and we can wrap up and move on to our next model.” Forny positioned the camera and waited as his assistant positioned himself with the quirt – a short leather-clad reed, thin and wicked looking.

He took careful aim and brought down quickly on her left nipple. A razor thin but brutally visible red stripe appeared on her nipple running top to bottom, precisely across the tip. Forny’s camera captured it all and even took a longing look at her agonized reactions. And then the quirt bit vertically across her other nipple in a nearly perfect line, and again the camera captured it all.