He stared in amazement as the large breasts seemed to be breaking up into tiny particles by Mr.Kane

Black star timelapse

It seemed to Azrim that the voice was coming from outside his head. It seemed to be coming from the other side of the wormhole exit, from Hazer-3.

“Take command, Azrim! Stop asking this masturbating slut to do it! Make her do it if you can’t do it yourself! Take her gun away! We’ve got to take over this ship before it breaks up! Take her gun!”

Azrim strode over to Bettina and slapped her face and tits…
“Stop that! Leave yourself alone, fuck you! I’m Prince Azrim! This is an emergency! We’re breaking up! Fire the engines, you stupid bitch!”

Bettina stopped masturbating…
“Prince Azrim? You are Prince Azrim, the most famous traitor? No, that’s not possible! He’s dead! His capsule drifted away from the Wastecamp a long time ago!”