Brittney was quite the compliant cunt cutie after that by Badia

Breast suffering

Brittney thought she was in for the vacation of a lifetime when a new travel agent “advised” that she take this great deal for a South American adventure! A pampered princess who was a cheap penny pincher, the price was just too good for Brittney to pass up. Little did she know she’d be subsidizing the trip with her tight, virgin holes!

Brittney was quickly snatched up by the taxi driver and brought screaming and sobbing to her new home: the prison complex!

Brittney screamed blue and bloody murder when she was tied down and her tits were clamped to the floor with the cruelest clamps the prison had to offer! By the time the Bitch Breaker squad arrived, poor Brittney was blubbering like a baby. “Aww, do those things hurt?” the duo asked. Brittney frantically nodded her head, eager to get the clamps off her nips. It hurt so much, every twitch she made felt like the clamps were about to tear off her tits! “We’ll take them off if you do us a little favor… suck my cock while my friend pounds away at your ass! If you’re a good fuck, we’ll release your nips. If not… we’ll tighten the strings just a little bit more!”