He tried an experimental whack on the brunette’s buttocks by Badia

Tied together

Every time Hugh had a flogger in his hand and a butt to flog, he flogged good and hard…
“Take that, bitch! For covering up your ass!”

Hugh’s wife was getting excited at the sound of the leather on buttocks… She stopped him
“My turn!” she yelled.
“Look up at the sky, bitches! Get your heads out of the way!”

She was good with a whip and she brought it down vertically onto their large breasts.
“Rub your nipples together!” she shouted. “I can cum like that, just with my nipples!”

The girls rubbed their nipples against each other. They were soon gasping and moaning, but they didn’t look as if they were going to cum.

Hugh released them but he left their arms tied. He took them into the house and made them lie back side by side on the kitchen table with their feet on the floor and their legs open wide.

“Take cock, slut! Right up your cunt!” Hugh said as he slid his cock in.
“Take tongue, slut!” his wife said as she licked the blonde.

Hugh had a good fuck. He made the brunette groan with enforced pleasure and he also the blonde next to him to look at as his wife licked her cunt.

It all became one big, sweaty, noisy fuck. His wife joined in, rubbing her nipples with one hand and masturbating with the other…

There’s nothing better than watching a helplessly hogtied girl by Badia

Tied together

Guard Jesus and Mistress Catalina tied up tasty twins Renee and Regina upside down on the tree, but they didn’t tie the girls completely. The two twins were carted up by their delicate ankles, but only one each, and their corresponding, slender wrists were held down by a heavy weight, so heavy that it was difficult for one burly man to lift it, let alone two soft and pampered females! At first, the guards let Renee and Regina stew for a bit, so they could tire themselves out trying to free themselves. This also let the girls work up a nice, yummy sweat, so their bodies glistened in the warming, jungle day until they were panting and quivering… ripe bits of meat ready to pluck… or punish!

“AAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEE!!!” Renee wailed as she was whipped right between her legs right on her bare, shaven, slutty pussy. Her face went as red as a cherry as she howled and bucked on the rope, a nice piece of cattle already struggling on the meathook! “AAAAHHH!! OH GOD!!!!” Regina wailed as Mistress Catalina smacked her right on her tit and hit her sensitive nipple! Both of the girls did what any normal human being would be expected to do, and they tried to protect and massage their hurt, female bits with their soft and delicate hands.

Jesus and Catalina smiled as Jesus went right for Renee’s exposed ass cheek, and Catalina struck the bottom of Regina’s wriggling foot! “NOOOOOO!!! PLEASE STOP!!!!” Renee wailed as her hand instantly went to her stinging derriere, while Regina dropped and arched her delicate foot and tried to protect it as well.