I’m tired of porking you by Ken

bdsm comics by Ken
Do you like your Master’s present slave? Oh I see… you are wondering what I’m talking about, aren’t you? You’ve got such a kind Master… you’ve had so many presents since I kidnapped you last night… That lovely head-harness with that huge ball to stretch your jaw and plug your big mouth… Or those coarse ropes that dig into your lovely skin… Or my big dick that’s porking you right now! Yes, I know you appreciate it just as you appreciate my teeth on your nips… But no, I’m not talking about any of these… I’m talking about that nice frame you are tied to. You won’t leave it alive… You heard right! I’ll keep you on it till you burst, which with luck won’t be for a year or two yet… Isn’t it a wonderful device? It keeps you nicely stretched and ready for everything… You can be fucked front and back, you can have your face shagged, you can piss and you can shit. And you can be feed too, so why should I take you out of it? Oh shit, I’m just gabbing on. I must concentrate on what we are doing… you are a great shag, that’s for sure!
bdsm comics by Ken
“Oh yeah… make me hard with those dainty little hands of yours, whore… do me a nice hand job and make me ready for your tiny shithole. I’m gonna impale you like you are, standing on your toes and cervix. Then I’ll leave you like this until tomorrow. I’m tired of porking you and I need some sleep…”
“Please no… don’t leave me like this… please….”
“What’s wrong with you, slut? Don’t you like being left alone with that nice dildo up your fuck-hole? You’re dripping like a pig whore already…”
“Oh no… please… it hurts… I’m hurting all over…!”
“Stop begging and concentrate on what you are doing, slut. If you fail to please me I’ll come back later. And it won’t be to unhook you. It’ll be to pierce those tits of yours! Gonna have you on your toes for the rest of your fucking life, which won’t be long. I’m gonna wedge your cunt into this and I’ll use your shit hole for my dick!”