They were dripping semen from their mouths, anuses and cunts by Mr.Kane

Black star inferno

If she was really aroused the crew were very lucky.
“You! Get your fingers in here! And you two! Suck my nipples!”
Sometimes a fourth man got a blowjob.

Bettina’s favorite fantasies involved space pirates attacking ships, capturing women and abusing them in every way imaginable. She was enjoying Commander Durenka’s horrifying account of the attack and she soon went into hyper-jerks, moaning more and more noisily, making urgent grunts, moving up the musical scale and shouting

“NO! NOOOO! Don’t hurt me, please! AAAAAAAAAAAH!!!”

While Captain Creek’s craft was on its way, the female prisoners remained in their tubes, tightly packed and terrified. Every day the crew chose one or two of the women and took them out and fucked and flogged them.

I managed to squeeze my thighs together at the top by Mr.Kane

Black star inferno

As soon as the craft became stable Captain Creek’s space pirates began putting the modified sex slaves they called slubas into transport tubes. There were so many that it was difficult to fit them in because the craft was already carrying a shipment of other unfortunate women for El Darjely.

The crew ended up fitting two slubas in each tube, which made it an uncomfortable trip for the luckless women. I thought I was lucky because I got special treatment. Captain Creek had ordered them to put me in a tube on my own. Even so, the trip was no fun.

We were all in the hold, which was near the machine zone, and the heat of the engines soon became unbearable. I looked around me. The other women had such big breasts that they couldn’t avoid rubbing them against each other. They didn’t look as if they were getting enough air and their muscles were cramping because of the narrow space. Some of them had been tied together breast against breast.

You see, this one is a real hot slut now by Mr.Kane

Black star inferno

I had not noticed that Captain Creek had a robotic hand. The sight of it terrified me. I suspected that he had been mutilated by the Xagians. They did that if they caught a man masturbating without permission. Xagian Mistresses are cruel like that. So was Doctor Pamel. I needed to masturbate badly and it was getting worse.

I looked at Captain Creek again and I realized that his strange penis was probably an orthopedic device too.

“I imagine the bitch won’t want to talk right from the word go,” said Creek. “But we’ve got plenty of time on the flight back. She’ll end up badly marked, of course, but El Darjely won’t mind that at all! He knows pain speaks louder than pleasure! She’ll have to be ready to give him all her information when we get there. He’ll want to listen very carefully and then he’ll want to punish her.”

He seems to be a hard man to please by Mr.Kane

Black star inferno

My head was spinning as I listened to all this. I couldn’t make sense of it. Suddenly my head cleared and I had just one thought: to escape and report back to Helmekios. Pamel was working for some enemy, someone I didn’t know, someone Helmekios didn’t know. I had to report to Central Command quickly! But that’s not what happened. Something much worse happened…

“Let’s face it, Doc, these slubas of yours are hot sluts and good whores, but they don’t obey orders! They don’t know what discipline means! I always had trouble with them when we got back to Desbarah.

Your slubas have got me in big trouble with the Darjely more than once, Doc! And he’s real mean when he’s angry! The only thing that saves me is that he needs me. Or maybe I get mean myself, Doc! The fact is, Darjely would like to control the whole pirate fleet, but he can’t because I do! He knows he would have a real fight on his hands if anything happened to me!

The trouble was that the orgasms never satisfied me completely by Mr.Kane

Black star inferno

Most of the time I was on a bed with my hands cuffed and my buttocks up in the air, waiting to be fucked, and actually WANTING to be fucked. My cunt was burning all the time! My vulva and my vagina were both on fire, desperate to be touched, and my clitoris was permanently erect and wet!

I desperately wanted to be penetrated or at least masturbated. I needed it more badly than I had ever needed anything in my whole life! I wanted one orgasm after another, and that’s what I got! At first I tried to count them, but it was impossible. They all became one, endless orgasm…

He did whatever they wanted him to do and even if he did it well he was punished every day and every night by Mr.Kane

Black star inferno

Investigators have sometimes asked the question: was she really listening to Commander Durenka’s recording, or was she inventing it all? Was the recording real or did it have its origin in her own wet vulva?

The consensus opinion among historians is that the events that took place in Rapture 5 as related by Commander Lamber were indeed real. The war between Crateris and El Darjely has been extensively studied and there is enough information from different technical sources to confirm this.

You have to suck cocks and you have to be flogged on your tits by Mr.Kane

Black star inferno

“Maybe you like women, eh?” he said to me. “Maybe you can’t take your dyke’s eyes off those big fat tits that are sticking out of the concrete, eh? Your tits are fine, they’re smaller but they’re firm and they hold up well for their size.”

The bastard grabbed my tits and squeezed them as hard as he could. He pinched them and twisted and turned them to hurt me. I thought they were going to break or burst because he was so strong. My breasts were getting more and more painful…”

“Your tits are gonna take a lot of punishment now, bitch! They’re gonna be trapped too, and I’m gonna be working on them for a long, long time till you understand that you’re a whore and a slut and you want to be fucked and not beaten!”

They had straps around their breasts and their vulvas by Mr.Kane

Black star inferno

“I warned you, didn’t I? No acts of disobedience, I said, didn’t I’ No rebellious attitudes! I told you you’d pay for it on your big fat Imperialist tits and your sluts’ cunts and you will! You’re just hookers now, got it? Whores! Slubas! Sluts! And your cunts are not serving the Empire anymore, got it?”


“Next time you see a man, you pull your cunt lips open and you say FUCK ME! Got it?”
“Yes, Mistress!”

I thought I must be in the middle of a horrible nightmare by Mr.Kane

Black star inferno

I looked like something from one of the planets we conquered! My mouth was rigid and my lips were swollen. I had huge cheekbones that made me look like some kind of hybrid ape! I had tattoos everywhere too, like we put on our prisoners sometimes! My breasts were enormous and my pubis and my buttocks were swollen!

Doctor Paumel spoke. “Well, what do you think, Commander? You look irresistible! You’re going to have to fight your men off now, that’s for sure!”